Budget trips for martial arts in karate tournaments


Once contestants and martial arts coaches decide to follow one of the big karate rounds like NASKA or NBL, it will soon be realized that participating in this sport can be very expensive.
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Many years ago I attended a Charlie Lee seminar and he said that the only major difference between many national and local competitors is that nationals have the means to travel. I have also been to NBL and NASKA circles. I have also been dealing with international competition abroad, so over the years I have learned a few tricks to save some of the overall costs associated with competition.
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Competition fees

Most karate tournaments offer savings through pre-registrations. Since many promoters have been adding online registration options lately, pre-registration is fast. Of course, there is a risk that you will lose the entire fee if you do not attend the event for some reason. Even if you have committed to attend certain tournaments, other circumstances may prevent you from going.
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For example, I missed tournaments due to flight cancellations due to bad weather. You may also delay or miss flights for reasons beyond your control. Of course, unforeseen emergencies at home can always cause a trip to be canceled. While it can save you good money over the year by registering in advance for all events, risk is a must.

Most tournament promoters also do special room rates at certain tournament hotels. These special rates usually range from about $ 100 to $ 125, which is pretty good considering that most hotels are high-end major chains like Hyatt, Sheraton, Hilton, etc. However, I have found that if someone is willing to do some research, even more significant savings are possible with accommodation.
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I almost never stay at an event hotel again. Instead, I will do some research to find out hotels nearby. The map object on the Yahoo site is wonderful for this. Just go to Yahoo and click on folders & # 39;. Then enter the address and city of the tournament hotel.
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Search for other hotels nearby and the page will show you where they are on the map and how far they are from the hotel for events. I also use travel websites like Travelocity and Expedia to confirm other hotels nearby.
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Many hotels are often much cheaper, especially those that are lower in quality. In addition to the travel websites, I would also check the room rates with Choice Hotels (Comfort Inn, Econolodge, Quality Inn), Holiday Inn, Days Inn and Motel 6 through their websites. but they are clean and comfortable. They are not the bottom of the barrel like some independent motels are. Rates can be 50% lower than even the tournament prices at event hotels. My average room rate is around $ 50 and this often includes the free breakfasts that hotels rarely offer.
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Many lower priced hotels are within walking distance of the tournament. Even if the hotel is not within walking distance, a small cabin charge is usually worth the room savings. I even stayed at hotels at airports and then used free hotel shuttles for the place I was staying as well as an event hotel to visit them. Of course, all this is not as convenient as staying at an event hotel, but if you’re willing to plan ahead a little, good savings can also be had. Of course for events where I extend my stay for vacation purposes, renting a car will allow me to stay wherever I want.
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Another way to bring down half of your hotel expenses is to leave immediately after the competition is over. You will miss evening shows, but if you do not think so, then you will only have to stay overnight for one night, not two. During the year, one-day trips can lead to significant savings.
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Driving would be the most economical way to travel to tournaments, but if locations are too far away, flying would be the most realistic way to get there. Trains could also be explored. In terms of flights, one could wait with the sale of seats to buy tickets. Another strategy is to fly in or out of various airports that are near the event city.
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Significant cost savings are possible if you are willing to use alternative airports. Some cities have more than one major airport in the region. Alternative airports can reduce travel costs for competitors who must also cross the US-Canadian border.
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Canadians who travel to US airports across the border could sometimes save up to 50% on flights. Passengers should join all the frequent flying programs, but try to stay with one or two major airlines if possible. Points are added up, which may result in future free flights. Of course, points from hotel stays, car rentals and credit card use also help.
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As mentioned before, I try to use free hotel shuttles whenever I can. If my hotel does not have free shuttle service and is located close to the event hotel, sometimes I would take the free shuttle service to my hotel. I also often use the hotel shuttle for events to get back to the airport. Just hang out in the hotel lobby so you look like a guest and no one should question your use of the shuttle.
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Many cities where major tournaments are held have very efficient and secure transit systems directly from the airport. For example, instead of paying for cabs or airport shuttles that charge, taking a local bus or subway train for about $ 1.50 will get me to the tournament just as easily.
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As you can see, there are different ways to get out of the total cost of traveling to karate tournaments. You just have to do your research for each trip. In terms of meals, you can always have a stupid charge at a very good price in those Chinese buffets that are found almost everywhere.
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Las Vegas and minors gambling


When I come back when I was hot under the age of 19 … and I’m not saying how far it goes!

I went to Vegas for the first time with a “friend” guy. I made sure to book at the Hard Rock Hotel which just had a grand opening! And “he” made our reservations on Greyhound.

It was obvious this guy was awful to me… and yet he was trying to impress that ?! Eeeek.

Either way, I had my bags, they were all packed, I was dressed in my nines (still very excited) and ready to hit the road.

The bus ride seemed like it would take forever and a year (which only takes 3.5 hours by car). We did a pit stop in good Barstow – you know … where are you going to get your “hits on Route 66” … well I don’t know who wrote that song or what they do to get their “hits”, but I tell you where this is not happening to me … in BARSTOW! Sorry Barstownions – no offense.

Then the lovely bus ride (full of wonder) continued; we end up downtown Las Vegas – which is just outside the door, and Mister Cheapie Pants doesn’t want to share a cab here. If he could share a trifle – he would – I’m serious! So, let’s go on foot. I’m a big fan of walking, so that’s really not a problem – except I’m hauling myself in all my bags and being in high heels (I’m not that tall), as I mentioned “dressed in the nines” before! So we walked and walked, and you never would have thought that these hotels were so hot with each other until you walked the rail and realized how long it took you!

We finally arrived at our hotel. Check-in time. As usual with every application, they ask for my credit card to be identified. However, unlike any other application in the process, after I had submitted everything, there was a PROBLEM. I was told they could not report me because I was under 21!

Nice … because they didn’t seem to consider it a problem when I was getting ready for the room.

Fortunately, my friend was over 21, so we used his ID. But talk about nerves – they had absolutely no problem taking money from someone who was less than 21 years old, and yet I was a second-class citizen or something!

All checked in, we grab our bags and go as planned to check our room and then get ready to paint the city and, of course, do some gambling.

Our rest of the time was show, food, gambling, shows, food, gambling, etc, etc, etc.

I was a bunch of nerves, every time I went to the table to play toy cards, all I could think about was playing cards – asking me to see my ID card. I was so focused on it, that I didn’t care at all about losing gambling money – and I hate losing money!

I ended up with more than I started and more than enough to pay for my part of the whole trip! I’m not treating this Doodle!


In several of the many trips, things have not gone as smoothly –

I was thrown out of the casinos, stranded in the middle of the desert, left to sit on the curbs, I got into my part of the fight, hung out with whales, got compds at every turn, had my own “Indecent Proposal” experience …

But – I just never lost, I always won $$$ – bring me money !!!

Well, of course, I kept coming back for more!

And then it happened – I turned 21 and now I was completely relaxed and easily checked my ID, (I almost wanted to look at it just for the sake of packing), the only concern I had was losing money and guess what happened next .. .

YUP, I lost every last one I came with … I left town in shock!

What the hell just happened there ?! That’s not happening to me – I’m not losing !!!!!!

Even today, I still don’t see enough room.

I just don’t gamble these days … no matter what we’re talking about tiny slits!

Change your appearance, change your score!
The currency market is controlled by bulls. Despite retreating from recent highs, Bitcoin and all major currencies are well positioned for a prolonged recovery in a wave of speculative purchases, intensified by the FOMO (fear of loss) phenomenon. The market value of the cryptocurrency rose to $ 241 billion, while the average daily turnover nearly doubled from that time on Tuesday to $ 176 billion. Bitcoin market dominance fell to 65.8%.
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Bitcoin (BTC) price update
The largest cryptocurrency by market value recorded the highest level during the day at $ 8,900 during the early Asian hours and fell to $ 8,757 at press time. The currency gained more than 2.5% on a daily basis and remained unchanged since the beginning of Tuesday. Despite the downturn, BTC / USD is still trading above the critical $ 8500, reinforced by a 50% Fibo correction of the upward movement from the lowest level in December 2018 to the highest level in July 2019. The short-term trend is still bullish, but a downward correction is possible As the currency is in the overbought zone.


Why are you here? (On planet Earth)


This is not a philosophical question posed by a professor at a university. This is the question posed to him by the entrepreneur, the one who decided to dedicate his life to the goal that everyone around him said was "impossible", the young entrepreneur who discovered the answer to this question at a very young age and pursued dreams regardless of his misfortunes .

I know why I am here, on this planet, and this realization has helped me in some of the most gruesome, cruelest times in my life, when there seemed to be no more hope, in a position that someone else would think there was nothing more to live for – I realized that is all part of the plan and there is a reason why things are going the way they do. That blind faith is the reason I was able to achieve the impossible & nbsp; and reclaim the wealth I spent years building and only losing for four months.

My own answer to this question – why you are here – was at first ambiguous: "To become a self-taught millionaire." Only later did I realize that this was not the reason I was here, nor the result I was striving for; it was just a means of achieving the results I was striving for. Becoming a millionaire is a very vague goal; but when you ask most entrepreneurs, most will respond in a similar way, without realizing it is ambiguous. You see, becoming a millionaire simply means being worth a million dollars or more. If that's your life goal, that's a pretty bad goal, simply because a million dollars in net worth doesn't guarantee you will be rich or rich.

Look at Michael Jackson. A great artist and arguably one of the most talented pop stars of our time, Michael spent much of his later years on intermission. Although he owned assets worth about $ 1 billion, he had no liquid capital and was constantly in debt. Upon leaving, Michael left the world with more than $ 500 million in unpaid debt.

Look at the people who win the lottery. Most of them become instant millionaires, only to break after three or four years. Reading some of the financial books you've probably already read, such as Rich Dad, The Bad Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, The Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Henson and Robert Allen, and many other books on the subject, I quickly realized that money does not make money rich, and to seek to become a millionaire was not the purpose of living. In fact, that's not the goal. The reason I say that money doesn't make you rich is that if you make three million dollars (a goal that many aspire to), and of that three million dollars you spend five million, you're still poor – yes, poor and extremely ignorant when in asking money questions. More money won't change that. In fact, it will only make it worse.

In my view, the definition of poor is someone who recklessly spends, who cannot control their finances, who cannot delay pleasure, who spends more than they do, and who blames someone for their stupidity. Most importantly, a poor person is someone who makes bad decisions, especially bad financial decisions. These decisions are the result of a lack of financial intelligence, not necessarily a lack of intelligence. You can be a genius and still be a bad money manager.

A rich man, on the other hand, is someone who makes rich financial decisions, someone who spends less than they make, and someone who invests their balance instead of spending it on per diems. For example, I asked a friend a simple question, "Say, if you won a million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with it?" A friend of mine replied, "I'm going to buy a sports car, go back to school and graduate from college, buy my mom's house, the best gadgets I can afford, the best clothes and I'll have every girl I look at. I'll buy a villa somewhere in California and spend the first two months on the beach celebrating my new fortune, and then I'll invest or save some of it. 39; I'll definitely quit my job. "

Sounds promising, doesn't it? The fact is, most people think similarly. This is a perfect example of a poor person with a million dollars in his pocket. If you are majoring in math, you will soon realize that this guy will spend his million before graduating from the new college he is enrolled in and will end up in huge debt due to a simple lack of financial intelligence.

Ask to be temporarily broken & # 39; a rich person asking the same question, and he would answer, "I'll invest the money in the property and let that property pay for a sports car, a beach vacation, and a house for my mom." Simple, in this case, is better.

You see, poor people buy things and things; the rich buy and invest in property (real estate, businesses, stocks, copyright products, etc.), and those assets buy things and things; for them. But you can easily find out this information on your own; There are countless books explaining this concept. Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad is by far the best book on the subject.

As soon as I understood this concept, I decided to change the answer to, "I want to become rich." I wanted to make large amounts of money and be able to double and triple those amounts, convert a simple million to five million, ten million to a billion, and so on. And so for several years I lived with the sole purpose in life of being rich.

When I was 23, I became rich; However, my answer changed again after I made and lost money and wasted my money and time with people who didn't appreciate me, girls who didn't take care of me and friends who aren't really my friends. My eyes opened to the fact that even though being rich is wonderful, being rich and lonely is no fun. Being rich and sick or rich and hateful of everyone was also something I didn't want. So I had to rethink and rephrase my answer to that question, and two years later, after a total of 24 years of living on planet Earth, I finally got it. The only answer I asked was not to become a millionaire, not to become rich – but to become rich.

What does it mean to become rich? Well, wealth is abundance, and abundance is love, abundance is money, abundance is health, abundance is happiness, abundance is all you need to combine. I noted what I was aiming for, and that was one thing I dedicated myself to; that was my dream.

You may already have plenty, but the only thing you miss is money. Maybe your dream is to make a million dollars, become rich or even a millionaire, for that matter – it's okay. I did not write this book to tell you what you should aspire to; it would be a waste of your time and money. I wrote this book to guide you on how to achieve what you most want, be it the million, billion or any other amount of money you may want.

So, why am I here? I was created with one purpose: to obtain and provide wealth. Wealth of money, education, love, happiness and success; to help myself and others achieve what we want more than anything in life, whether we make more money, lose weight, be happier, or build jobs. I'm here to make dreams come true, for myself and those around me. That's my life statement; that's why I am; this is the reason why God chose to place me on this planet.

So, why are you here? Don't be discouraged if you can't find the answer to that question yet. That’s why you chose this book; you are looking, like me, and you will only find answers if you keep looking. You may find different answers to this question and it may take some time to decide which one is right for you, but as long as you continue your search you will find the answer, the most important answer to the most important question you may ask yourself:

Why am I here? ________________________________________________________

I want you to fill in the blank. Answer this question immediately and place it in the blank space on the previous page. Don't worry about the details; I will give you the opportunity to answer this same question at the end of the book. A book is more than just a profit; It’s about making a decision, taking risks and finding the answer to that question and then pursuing your dream. Without thinking, without restraint, I just go for it. Before this book is over, you will realize that if you do not pursue your dreams, you are fighting your own creation because you are denying what God has given you, something that is more important than anything else in life – your purpose.

Making no sense in life, why do you get up in the morning? Why are you going to work? Why are you (or will you have) children? Why are you reading this? Why do something if you don't have a strong sense in life? The only thing that differentiates us from animals is the power to be self-aware, to go beyond survival and achieve something. I’m not talking about just making money or losing weight; I'm talking about a sense of purpose, something bigger than myself. The terrible purpose is to live for the sake of life alone.

If you love real estate and your dream is to become a real estate tycoon, your purpose can be as big as changing the face of your favorite city, making life more accessible, or changing the lives of the people who live in it. Donald J. Trump had a similar purpose in making a statement and changing the face of the New York outline. If you love computers and your dream is to become a rich software developer, and you dream of building a virtual world where people from all over the planet will be given a second chance to live, build software and turn it into an empire. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, made similar decisions. Bill Gates had a purpose that made him the richest man in the world at the time: to be the connection between the man and the mind of the machine, for every computer sold in the world. Needless to say, it turned out perfect.

If your dreams are not business or changing the world, that's fine. Look at Mother Teresa. Its purpose was to serve those who are poor, who lacked resources and could not take care of themselves. The Dali Lama has a great life purpose, to raise enough money and to influence enough people that the city of Tibet can once again be free. Talk about a powerful statement. NY1 Channel announces New Yorker of the Week, and every week we see someone with a purpose. They are not billionaires, millionaires or people changing the face of the universe; they have simply changed their own lives and the lives of those around them because they have a strong sense of purpose. You will never find these guys suicidal & # 39; list.

But you don't have to be Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Robert Kiyosaki, Henry Ford, Quentin Tarantino, Robert De Niro or the President of the United States to change the world, nor do you have to have a billion-dollar dream, a goal that transforms life or purpose beyond life. Your purpose may simply be: "To be the happiest man or woman I can be"; "To be the first executive woman in my company"; "To create the best environment for my child to grow up"; "Becoming One of Hollywood's Best Directors," etc.

You just need a dream, a goal big enough that every time you imagine it, your heart starts beating fast. This is the gift of God; the word desire comes from the word "from the father." Ignoring your gift and deciding to live without trying to pursue your dreams just because you don't want to take the risk or because you don't think endorsing a family member will eventually lead you into a state of mediocrity and the end of your life will be the greatest regret.

This book will not magically turn you into a millionaire overnight; no book will. It will not teach you the secret formulas of wealth simply because they are gone. It's no secret that no one can get rich by building a business, selling a product or investing in property or income-generating products, whether it be real estate, toys, paper products, TV repair, deodorants or drinking water. It's no secret that you need to exercise and eat properly for weight loss; it is no secret that for happiness you must get rid of negative thoughts; It's no secret that you need to use your body and mind in a healthy way for healthy health. There are countless books, seminars, self-help gurus, and preachers teaching you how to achieve this, but haven't read them yet? Haven't you read the book How to Get Rich that teaches you how to get started or invest in real estate? Didn't you read the book "How to Lose Weight" that teaches you how to take better care of your body? Don't know if cigarettes will definitely kill you? Yes, it is, but do nothing about it. You may want to, but you just can't get in on the action. You may already be trying, but you are not producing any results. You may achieve results, but you want to take it a step further. No matter where you are, I believe this book can help you.

This book is about recognizing your wildest dreams and doing everything you need to achieve them. Just as you build wealth, it sounds simple, but it will be the hardest thing you will ever have to do. If you want to stay where you are, I advise you not to read this book; it will only confuse you and can cause you to take risks that you would otherwise avoid, and I will get an angry email from my lawyer threatening to sue me for ruining your life. So if you are happy, if you are satisfied, if you are filled with joy and abundance, I welcome you, but I also advise you to give this book to a friend or someone who is not unhappy. But I must warn you: if you choose to read this book and act on the advice I give you, you will become temporarily unhappy. I can almost guarantee it.

This is real life. Anything really worth doing is not going to be as easy as you think it is likely to cause you severe stress and pain for the first few months before you can finally reap the rewards.

Starting a business out of nothing is easy, it is difficult to achieve success; Choosing an actor and moving to California is easy, it's hard to live in the back of a truck with no money to eat and not go home crying mom. It is easy to decide that people's judgments will prevail and climb the rankings of corporations to be the first female person in a billion dollar company, in fact it's a whole different story; it's easy to make a sketch of a skyscraper in Manhattan, and turn it into reality; Deciding to run for Congress is easy, so a completely different story will happen. So, if you want a simple fix, buy a quick magic tablet or get rich quick book and see how it works out. But if you choose to follow the advice in this book, know that you will become frustrated, dissatisfied, and will want to give up. You can bet your life on it. However, when you achieve this, when you reach the climax, when you master the process, you will not only be satisfied but also satisfied. You will not believe that you have failed to act on your dreams before, you will discover a new world and a new you in the process.

This is not the advice you were hoping for from a book on how to build wealth and make your dreams come true, but do you want an author to sell you pink stories about how beautiful and easy the process is? Or do you want to hear the truth? This is real life and this is real life advice; when you are happy and satisfied with your life, finances or weight, you would do nothing to make any changes to your life. Comfort is the worst place you can be. One human emotion that can help create more millionaires, help people lose weight, and help more people pursue their most desirable dreams is frustration. Yes – frustration is the best motivator; if you know how to use it, if you can eliminate it and turn it into motivation, it will serve as a much needed fuel to get you to your destination. Failure to do so will only give you a heart attack and lead to more frustration. In this book, she will also learn how frustration can be used to create & # 39; you & # 39; that you want to create and how to use it as fuel to push yourself to fulfill your dreams, whatever they may be.

However, as I said before, frustration is only the beginning; you will have to start a business, write a plan, invest time in its realization, and then you will have to manage it and finish your first job – and it will not be easy. Signing your tenth client while feeling frustrated will not be easy. It won't be easy to jump from earning $ 400 a month to earning $ 4,000 a month; managing money won't be easy; dealing with angry clients will not be easy; managing litigation will not be easy; getting to deadlines and combat stress will not be easy; Convincing banks and raising money from investors will not be easy – but you can enjoy it if you just understand your purpose. If you can really answer the question above, it won't be so bad; even if you lose your job, put the pounds back on, lose a big client, be rejected by agents and get slapped in the face, even if you turn homeless in the process, if it forces you to sleep in the back of a car or suffer a defeat, it won't be The end of the world. As long as you get up the next morning and try again, until you stop, as long as you stay focused, as long as you learn to use the frustration of pushing yourself forward, if you allow it to power you and push you forward – you will succeed. After all, you cannot succeed if you never give up.

A good example is one of my personal heroes, Mr. Donald Trump. It was very close to bankruptcy in the early 1990s, with nine hundred million dollars of personal guarantees and over eight billion dollars of business debt. It seemed like it was all over for Trump; newspapers wrote nasty articles about him, and the media presented the fact & 39; that Trump would never rise again. In a situation where most human beings would give up or escape and some people would actually commit suicide, Trump stood in the line of fire and negotiated with the banks, slept for three hours at night, fought, remained optimistic, and did what no one else in the world would do. worked. He even managed to convince the banks that they were too big to fail, and in the midst of all his debts and troubles, he managed to raise an extra sixty million dollars to save his empire. Today he is still among the richest people on the planet and this is just one example.

You may not like or adore Trump as much as I do, and if that's the case, check out Tim Blixseth, who refused to quit after going bankrupt. Today, it has a value of more than $ 1 billion net. Look at Steve Jobs, who suffered a severe depression after losing his job at Apple in 1985, or David Murdock, who almost lost everything he had when the real estate market collapsed. T. Boone Pickens is a genius billionaire who had to start over. after losing everything when oil and gas prices loaded; Stephen Ross is a brilliant real estate investor who was on the verge of bankruptcy in the early 1990s and went on to build a $ 16 billion empire in less than four years.

Be honest with yourself: if you wake up tomorrow and get a call from a bank telling you that you owe nine hundred million dollars, what would you do? Seriously, would you run? Would you commit suicide? Would you get a job and try to repay it? What if you have a family? Three young children? And what if, in the midst of the mess, your wife files for divorce and decides to sue you for everything you have? Can you handle that amount of pressure? Can you cope with such stress?

As mentioned earlier, in this book I make no promises that I will change your life, nor can I promise you that your life will change immediately. I can only hope to educate you and help you better understand the process that goes against the odds of achieving what you really want; how not to give up and hold on until everything around you seems to collapse; how to identify what you want and how to get it; how to deal with huge amounts of pressure and stress; how to go against the tide when everyone around you & # 39; no! & # 39 ;; how to ignore the remarks of sarcastic friends, rival spouses, and disappointed fathers; how to overcome defeat and be determined in the pursuit of your dreams.

Yes, I realized my dream of becoming rich. I am in abundance of money, health, happiness and success, and I have lost even a few pounds. And yes, I still have a long way to go where I want to go. But I really hope you follow some of my advice and join me in this journey to a dream, however you may be.

If you take my advice and chase your dreams, you need to understand that you will no longer be in the "Safe Zone". When you make that decision, you will enter the life of the jungle, and for lion cubs who lived in safety in their zoo cage to move to the jungle is a daunting experience; the chances of failure are high and you can lose everything. But if you are determined enough, if you work hard and refuse to let the fear of failure dictate your life, and most importantly, if you love what you do – you will succeed! The ability to take action separates winners from losers. So, before you start reading, understand that you will soon be in a situation where you will be forced to act or spend the money you spent on this book and let it sit on a shelf and collect dust.



I wanted to embrace Swedish culture


Once I knew I was going to Sweden, Stockholm, I started thinking about what it would be like. Going away, however, did not come to my mind as I was dealing with what was going on in my life.

I wanted to leave, no doubt about it; but I was not in the position where I needed to get out. What I was doing filled me in and it kept me from getting too busy with what I would do while I was away.

Different climate

What was different about this trip was that I was going to go somewhere cold, and that made a change. In the past, I mostly went to warm countries and only a few hours away.

Yet, even though I was going somewhere cold and it only took me a few hours to get there, I thought it would be unlike anywhere I had been before. Well, when it came time to leave, I started to get excited.

The first signs

On the plane, the security video was in English and then tracked in Norwegian due to the airline I was flying with. But even though I didn't go to Norway, it made it even clearer that I was leaving.

Shortly after, I landed in Stockholm and when I got off the plane I heard people speaking another language. It wasn’t until I got outside and was exposed to the cold temperature that I fully realized I was in another country.

Extremely curious

It was incredibly cold and, as I slept the night before, I just wanted to fall asleep. However, now that I wasn't, I wanted to learn more about Sweden and experience their way of life.

The reason for this is that when I leave, I do not expect to take my lifestyle with me and live my way home. I want to find out what is and what is not acceptable, what kind of food they eat and, among other things, learn their history.

One moment

As I walked through the city, I saw an advertisement that talked about where I could find tapas to eat. Now I've tried taps in the past and enjoyed eating them, but I haven't been to Sweden to eat tapas.

Similarly, I didn't go there to eat McDonald's or have coffee at Starbucks; I was there to experience the Swedish lifestyle. I thought about how there is a fine line between adding things to a culture and enriching it, adding things and completely destroying a culture.

There is no other way

For example, when it came to the main trading area, I could be in the world; it was no different being in London or Australia. The same could be said for the hotel I stayed at.

After I started walking around the old town, I saw that I was different somewhere. This was a special place, and what helped was that I was with a friend from Sweden who could show me.

Wonderful weather

Looking at these buildings and learning about Stockholm's history made Sweden completely comfortable. I even had the opportunity to write on the wall of the cafe – whoever goes there can leave a message or just write their name on the wall.

I wanted to see a Viking Cemetery and a 17th century ship, but in the end I didn't have time. You can see and do it here if you are looking for something else to explore.



Isla Mujeres and a glass bottom boat ride


One spring morning in 1977, we pulled out of our tent – sighing that the sun had brought an end to a night of hiding from the sand fleas. We made the mistake of camping behind a sand dune and not right on the beach. At dusk, the sand fleas came out and began to bite. The mosquito nets on the tent were not good enough to prevent them and we spent a miserable night.

So, we were looking forward to something much better as we headed for the ferry that would take us to Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres (& # 39; Isle of Women & # 39;) is a small island off the northeast coast of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Isla Mujeres is close to Cancun, but it is the complete opposite of this popular resort. Cancun is the perfect place if you want a modern hotel with all amenities and frenetic day and night activities.

Isla Mujeres, on the other hand, is a fairly peaceful and comfortable island. People are friendly and friendly, but much more relaxed than those in Cancun.

Soon a modern ferry drove to the dock and we boarded. We had to leave our car parked in a guarded parking lot. That has always made me pretty nervous ever since we broke it last summer at Villahermosa.

Looking at the water of the Mexican Caribbean from the top of the ferry was a treat. It was a beautiful sunny day and you could see the bottom of the Caribbean all the way forty miles away. There were areas where the bottom was light sandy, colors that were accentuated by other patches of dark – representing areas where there were coral reefs.

It was a very peaceful relaxing trip.

When we reached Isle Mujeres, we took our backpacks and took the ferry. The first sign we saw was the one in English – "Riding the Glass Bottom."

As we were previously on a glass-bottomed boat, we were thrilled to see some tropical reefs through a panoramic view of the glass-bottomed boat.

It was too late for the day, so we went and got a motel. There were a few decent motels at reasonable prices and we soon had a room overlooking the island's east beach.

The next morning, after eating some of the food we brought with us in packages, we set off on a glass-bottom boat ride. I had snorkling equipment with me, in case there was an opportunity to use them.

After paying our ticket, we soon set off on board. The ship was not exactly what we expected. In Monterrey, the ship could accommodate about 30 people. This one was big enough for about 7. It had an outboard engine and looked like it couldn't handle more than the loved ones.

We spent forty-five minutes south, along the western edge of Isle Mujeres, to the area where the captain of the boat said that they often fish and that they will be well seen.

We expected him to pull the liners at the bottom of the boat so we could see. We happily watched the beautiful fish and coral.

The captain threw some fish food around the boat and the fish started swimming around. We thought again that the board would be moved soon. But, surprise! – he handed the box to the person closest to him. It had glass at one end. He explained that you put the box on your side and looked through the glass. You then handed it to the next person.

My wife and I laughed really hard at the captain and his funny little box. Barely a glass-bottomed boat!

However, we could all turn well and see a lot of very nice fish.

I took the opportunity, with the captain's permission, to cross the side and catch fish. The other people on the boat entertained me as much as the fish I think of.

We spent the rest of our time on the island touring other island attractions, including the amazing aquarium, but the glass-bottom boat ride was the highlight of our time on Isla Mujeres.



Oh, those gorgeous Lizardly Eyes


After months of planning and rearranging our schedule, the Gracious Mistress of Parsonage has finally organized some holiday time for Christmas.

It takes a lot of work for her and I let her do as much as she wants to do. I'm such a husband.

She planned to stay a few days in St. Augustine. We always enjoy staying there and look forward to going there. The people who are the motel we are staying in are our good friends. It's great to hang out with friends you only see once a year.

I was exhausted from a year's work, my wife and I were looking forward to this time doing nothing. I didn't realize how much work was involved in doing nothing.

We checked in and I went into the room, sat down and just looked around to see where we would be staying for a few days. I looked up at the bed and on the pillow, there was something there. I didn't really know what it was and then I realized it was a lizard.

I love animals of all kinds. I hardly kill a fly, so when I saw this lizard, I was overjoyed. When my enthusiasm softened a little, I began to think that my wife did not appreciate the animal world as much as I did. This lizard would not do for her.

Looking at the lizard, I said, "Mr. Lizard, I don't think you should be here. It's not a good idea."

He turned his head, looked at me with his nose up in the air, the big lizard's eyes flashed several times, and then he looked away from his nose even worse in the air.

"You can ignore me if you like, but I only warn you that the worst part of your day has not started."

He looked at me again with his nose still up in the air, blinking his eyes, then looked away from another arrogant twitch of his head. Then he walked four steps away from me, his nose still in the air.

"Don't forget," I explained to the lizard, "I warned you what was coming."

I laughed because I watched the scene for some exciting moments. I could not wait for the door to open and the Gracious Mistress of the Parish Couple come in and see my little lizard friend. I just wish I had a bag of popcorn.

The wait didn't last long, and I soon heard the key rotate, the door opened and entered the ladies' court. Oh, where's my popcorn?

I saw the lizard looking at her, then looked at me, again his nose was in the air and he blinked arrogantly, then turned and looked in the opposite direction. He obviously didn't know what it was for.

That's when it happened. My wife looked at the pillow on the bed and said, "What is it?"

Before she pulled it out, she realized it was a lizard. Few things in life that scare my wife, but this lizard did, to my great pleasure.

When she saw the lizard, she screamed and the lizard jumped straight into the air. When she came down and landed on the pillow, she looked at me with eyes that looked a little scared. Then he jumped off the pillow and went under the bed.

That was not enough for my wife. She ran somewhere, got a broom, came back. I do not believe this lizard has ever seen a woman with a broom in her hand approach it. At least not someone like my wife.

She came in, moved the bed, and there was a lizard. She started rocking and as soon as she started swinging, the lizard started jumping. Oh, where's that popcorn?

The last I saw of the lizard, he jumped out the door and disappeared even though my wife followed him as far as she could go. Then she returned to the room.

She looked at me with one of those "looks" and said very sarcastically, "What are you laughing at?"

I promise you, I did my best not to laugh, but when he was in the room with me, you would laugh too. There is nothing more exciting to me than watching my wife jump in alarm at a little lizard who is more afraid of her than him.

For the next few days, whenever my wife looked at me and saw me laughing, she would comment, "You don't mean that lizard, do you?"

Once in my life, I was honest. "No, my dear. I thought of you."

During the rest of our stay there, whenever we came to our room, my wife searched from top to bottom to make sure my little friend was not there. You will never know how much I wished he had returned. But you didn't hear it from me.

Thinking about that little lizard, I remembered what David had said. "Though the host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war against me shall rise, I will be sure of it" (Psalm 27: 3).

All we have to fear is God and that is deep fear. The fear of God dissolves every other fear.



Fun Hollywood stories flying off the bus!


Here are seven fun stories about Hollywood:

The universal maniac

In 1999 an Australian gentleman told me about an interesting experience they had with family at Universal Studios. They were on a background tour, passing among the theme park's main attractions, the Bates Motel used in the 1960 horror classic, about a murderous young man named Norman Bates, who loved his mother too much. As the guide relayed information about how director Alfred Hitchcock took the picture, a tall man, dressed in tow and carrying a large knife, came out from behind the old set and headed for the tram. The narrator seemed to know nothing like Norman Bates, and he tightened up completely. The killer who believed he had such a convincing maniacal expression that some paying customers were scared and screaming when he raised his weapon. Then the "devilish" took off his wig and turned out to be the comic Jim Carrey; the thirty-seven-year-old star clowned around during her work break. After calming down the "victims" of calm, Jim gladly posed for pictures and signed autographs.

Craziest guest

Longtime staff at the old Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles had many candidates for the most terribly behaved celebrity. There were the Barrymore brothers who were always trying to outdo each other; After drunken John gained a lot of looks for bringing his pet monkey to the hotel's famous Moroccan club, Coconut Grove, Lionel arrived with seven chimpanzees there. Chaos erupted when well-dressed guests chased the animals as they scrolled through the paper of Mache trees. At the time, he was the famous owner of Sid Grauman Cinema, who told Charlie Chaplin he had found a dead body in his hotel bed. Trump fled in terror as Sid pulled back the blankets, not realizing he was looking at a wax doll covered in ketchup. But it was difficult to monitor the vagrancy of actress Tallulah Bankhead, who once called the room service, answered the door in the room, and told the bell boy that she had no advice; she had nothing on her.

Marlene's war regret

Marlene Dietrich found her true calling for a party of Allied troops in 1943. The forty-two-year-old actress, who never enjoyed making movies, was given a crash course to talk to her audience. Nothing can be more difficult or fulfilling than performing in front of young men who might die in battle the next day. The Berlin-born American citizen overcame suspicions that she was actually an Axis spy, and was proud to reject Hitler's request to return to Germany. After the end of World War II, she enjoyed being a lusty cabaret singer for many years and tried never to be taken too seriously. Marlene, whose long list of romances ranged from John Wayne to General Patton, once mentioned to her husband that she should have married Hitler in her thirties, and then there would be no war. She laughed when he consented, stating that Fhrer would have killed himself sooner.

We don't want to hit

Executives at United Artists Studio were impressed to see Seon Connery's initial footage of James Bond starring in the 1962 spy thriller. Dr. No. his accent in almost every scene. Surely the former mover is Mr. The Universe was a huge presence, but did Connery have the sophistication to play the ultimate super spy 007, a role originally intended for Cary Grant? The studio kept the finished film on the shelf for many months before releasing it in England, where he was a shooter. Well, it was supposed to be snowflake; Bond was English, though. Six months later, he was released in the US where he did great again. Dr. But it led to the hugely successful James Bond franchise and made Sean Connery an international star. He did not succeed in Japan alone, where cinema owners translated Dr. But to read, "We don't want a doctor!"

Battle of Munchkins

The actors who played Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz were diligent and much malignant. In the 1960s, the often unrequited Judy Garland became a favorite guest on a TV show and daring her former co-stars from the 1939 classic. She would make up stories about being drunk, swinging from a chandelier, ramming into fights, giving her rude suggestions, and being rounded up for their scenes in butterfly nets. In real life, New York's Leo Singer Midgets wins lucrative Oz contracts in a fierce battle with another group of small vaudevillians run by dwarf lead actor Doyle. There was a lot of animosity between the two rival bands of the performers. Doyle was smoking a cigarette in his Fifth Avenue apartment, still raging about his job losses, when he made a phone call to look out the window. Three small entertainer buses boarded him and then headed for California.

Walt Disney's daughter

Walt Disney's two daughters, Sharon and Diane, have grown up obscured by spotlights. The kids didn't have pictures of Mickey Mouse around their home. Their father was not at many parties, he preferred to stay after a long work day. Sometimes he would playfully chase young men up, knocking like evil girls in Snow White. If they behaved badly, Walt would reprimand them with a raised eyebrow; his strict demeanor inspired the character of an old wise owl, in the 1942 animated film Bambi. As toddlers, smart Diane and beautiful Sharon remained blissfully unaware that their parents cared about the abduction and did not allow the sisters to spread more publicly. Once in 1939, a curious classmate questioned six-year-old Diana about her family. She went home and said, "Daddy, you never told me you were Walt Disney" and asked him for an autograph.

Who won the race?

Writer / director Billy Wilder liked to hang out with producer Samuel Goldwyn. The Austrian-born Wilder, who fled Europe when Hitler came to power, respected that the former Polish glove salesman had good taste in stories, though Sam barely read anything. At one point, Wilder exposed a possible movie idea about Ninsky, a famous Russian ballet. Goldwyn was doubtful, Wilder persisted; the story had great cinematic capabilities. As a young man, Nijinski danced for Bolshoi and received international recognition. Then he met the great love of his life, was rejected, ended up in a mindless asylum and thought he was a horse. Goldwyn stared at the daggers. Sam did not fall off the truck. The public would never pay to see something so negative.

"Don't worry, Sam, it's a happy ending."

Goldwyn asked what might be happy in a man who believes he is a horse.

"Winning the Kentucky Derby!"



J & # 39; iame Paris – Cheap Vacations


It was the time of year again. February, which meant, as a famous song used to say, "Love is all around." So my boyfriend, Gerard, and I decided that since this would be our first Valentine's Day together, we wanted to go big without paying an arm and a leg for our trip, which meant we were targeting a budget vacation. So when he told me he had booked us a trip to Paris, the city of love, I knew this would be the best day of love!

All that awful stuff …

Honestly, I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day. I don't know why, but it always seemed like a marketing scam more than a real celebration of love. But this year, I thought I’d throw my theories out the door and enjoy what it is. Marketing scam or not, I wanted all the usual petty Valentines.

When Gerard and I arrived in Paris, we booked at our hotel near the city center. We had the most amazing view that included a view of the Eiffel Tower. Yes, we were in Paris and the air was filled with excitement. Someone once told Gerard and me that Paris looked like romance was embedded everywhere, that you were surrounded by all the corners and poets' parks, gardens and art. That the Parisians knew how to enjoy life to the fullest and that they knew when to give up, so there was always time for the more important things in life.

Living the life of Parisians …

On our first day in Paris, it all started in true Parisian style, with a cafe and croissants for breakfast in a cafe down the road. I think Gerard and I both appreciated the way people sat in the morning with a cup of coffee, taking time to read the papers, almost as if they were in no hurry to start the day.

We spent the rest of the day walking around town and making one or two tourist hotspots, but not before we did one thing Gerard insisted on. Ever since I met Gerard, he mentioned to him once or twice that he wanted to go to the Louvre Museum, so when he finally got the chance, I was glad to share it with him.

While not quite what I expected, the Mona Lisa was definitely something that, I must even admit, was something magnificent. Gerard, who knew much more about art than I, explained the history of other artists, but what I liked most was architecture. I know, not exactly the main reason why you would go there, but I still found it quite fascinating.

Latina night away …

Our actual Valentine's Day was as romantic as I imagined. During the day we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The climb, although extremely scary, was worth the while because the view was simply stunning. When we got back down, we walked through different parts of the city and the coastal rivers. Our day was quite relaxing, but our big Valentine's Day will stand out for our plans for the evening.

We were booked for a romantic evening in Latina. It's Latin American cinema and bistro. A strange combination at first I thought, but it turned out to be the perfect solution. At seven o'clock that evening, we watched the Argentine-French film "La leçon de tango". Afterwards we went to Bistrot Latin for dinner and our little tango dance experience. Although neither Gerard nor I had ever danced tango before, it didn't really matter to us, it was all about enjoying the moment, and of course it was the most fun I've had in years, especially since we were absolutely useless in tango !

The rest of our Paris vacation was pure bliss and like Elle Fitzgerald once sang, "I love Paris in the springtime," because with the early signs of spring and the exciting atmosphere, it was really easy to see why Paris was known as a city of love.



Earlie Beach and the Golden Plover


Earlie Beach is a small town of about 1,300 people, in the state of Queensland, Australia, along the coast of Whitsunday. It is the entrance to the unparalleled Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.

It's very popular with backpacks … and I was one of them! After arriving at the famous locality, I spent a few days relaxing and looking around, trying to figure out what might interest me in the area.

I just loved the feeling of being carelessly free, happy to be in this prime part of the world.

One day, I don't remember if I was in a backpack or a cafe, I saw a commercial on the wall that defused my imagination. A beautiful tall ship with all its sails open appeared before me. The comment said it would be an adventure of a lifetime experience.

There was a weekly cruise around the Whitsundays, a collection of 74 Continental Islands off the north east coast of Queensland.

I was hooked. I knew I had to go.

The ad also posted: "Backpackers who are willing to help with food service and cleaning will receive a huge discount." Without hesitation I went to a travel agency and immediately bought a ticket. I was very lucky; the ship is almost reserved for next week and there are only a few seats left.

I was very excited about the trip and the boat. I started collecting information about my new vehicle, which was brigantine.

What is a brigantine? Sorry for the technical text, but there is no other way around it …

It was, nowadays, no longer in existence, a glider sailboat with a fully square backed sail and at least two sails on the main mast: the square sail and the main sail (behind the mast). The main mast is the second and taller of the two masts.

The ship was built in 1910 by the Ports and Ports of Victoria, Australia. At that time they called her "Plover".

The best materials were used to build it: New Zealand Kauri, giant stem wood and copper buckles.

This stunning 30-foot ship was one of the last tall ships on planet Earth.

It's hard to describe the feeling of being on it.

His story is fascinating. It started as a steamboat boat in Melbourne and worked in various jobs as a fishing ketch, ferry, fish boat and eventually as a striking cruise ship.

Unfortunately, in 1986, it caught fire. Fortunately no one was killed while the fire raged, but the deck was destroyed. Even its superstructure was completely destroyed. The ship was then abandoned in the mud for two years in the Marybyrnong River. Disaster!

Four guys from Germany and a professional Geelong striker named George Herbery had a vision to see the huge potential of a discredited ship.

The brothers called Helmut, Günther and Gert Jacoby and the engineer called Ed Roleff were fans of the boats. Within 4 years and 6 months, they have transformed the scaffold into an elegant and elegant sailboat.

It was so picturesque, attractive and unique that it was regularly used in movies. One was the infamous "Blue Lagoon" softcore …

However, the day I was eagerly waiting to begin my new journey had arrived …

The boat was blue with impeccable sails. What a wonderful sight when I first saw it! What a feeling to start this mastery!

My imagination went crazy … The Golden Plover reminded me of pirates, black and white flags with a skull, a symbol of piracy par excellence … a deadly naval battle and hidden treasure …

Not only was I on a magnificent vessel … I went on a cruise to the legendary, stunning Whitsunday Islands.

Great white sandy beaches and turquoise water were waiting for me …

What's next? Just follow me … And I'll show you the world!



Psychic Research Foundation


Karen was the name of the receptionist, who was sitting behind the desk one Saturday morning around noon when I walked in. I had never heard of them and actually planned to find the JB Rhine Institute or Federation for the Investigation of the Nature of Man (FRNM). I ran into my mother's soul. It was not necessary to come to these places to seek my literature or research. I could find this more than enough at the Library of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Va. Beach. I wanted to experience it firsthand.

It turned out that Karen Gettsla was much more than a receptionist. In that quaint redecorated house under the magnolias, there was a person in the living room. He was on the bed, and there was a cat and voice recorder in the room. Karen explained that it was Blue Harary, the most effective astral or OOBE (Out of Body Experience) explorer. I later came across his book on an account in Laguna Beach, but that was in another life almost twenty years later. Karen explained that Black Cat was helpful in keeping Blue out of the trip. She was a few years older than me and a handsome woman with a lot of strength who acted like I was a bit of a nuisance at first. We talked and it was clear that I should be impressed. I knew it wasn't going to be someone I wasn't interested in. Still, it didn't seem right that day to ask her; and I listened to her and encouraged her to tell me all about herself. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed. She told me she was working on a FRNM project to communicate with submarines below the reach of a radio link. I read about it as one of the better evidence of parapsychology and ESP. Still, this was not one hundred percent proof that non-speakers needed.

She spoke about attending courses at Duke University toward a degree in psychology and how she helped Yogi psychologically remove the needle left by the failed medical treatment in the infant's spinal column. It happened in her hometown of Chicago. It was obvious that the man she was involved in was very hurt by her and did some magic when she was his work partner. Working Partner & # 39; is a spiritual / sexual ritual partner of witchcraft and she told me that she was High Priestess of Mike. I saw a need for power and a penchant for petty or egotistical pursuits.

I told her about Dottie and Ed. She had heard about Ed and was impressed, but she tried not to show it. I told her I would be back and I did not press that question. As our relationship progressed, I had the opportunity to learn how to play a more passive role in decision making. She made it clear that she was not interested in domination or upside down. with any man at that point in her life. Karen told me she could perform a PK or light up between her hands while she was grounded by all known energy (electrical, magnetic, etc.).

Ambert Dail was a person I was free to talk to while working at his office in Hampton / Newport News. He and his sales manager tried to help with the sales effort, but except for a few hours and introductory hours, our product had to be sold on its own merit. Ambert would talk to me about psychic things despite appearing to be a very direct person. I would often read books like Zolar Encyclopedia of ancient and forbidden knowledge at the ARE Library. I don't remember when he offered me a job as a radio DJ as a talk show host. He thought that a more ground-based scientific approach than psychic fates would create a large market. It would be journalism and the inclusion of interviews with interesting people. I often wish I had taken that. I told him that business and family were important to me and that Karen would be better off doing it.

This is a little about my time during 1974-5. Years in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She was involved in a group of lesbians that I think also engaged in witchcraft. They designed it for her sex position and I liked my arrival on stage.

When I returned to Toronto, I was excited about Karen and how I felt while learning a new way to connect with women. I took Karen to dinner and a movie, but I was looking forward to meeting her for a week or two, where she invited me to be her husband at the Director of the Psychic Research Foundation. I joined their membership and received their "theta" newsletter. in our Toronto offices. Swaena got Karen's song to which she responded and included an art piece of dried flowers. It surprised me that Karen introduced herself to my family. There are many interesting articles in this newsletter from all over the world of parapsychological research, and I tried to get John and the others to see these psychic things, and it's not that strange. We went to dinner one night while I was in Toronto. John, Swan and we all like to talk a lot, but it is difficult for Swan when John and I talk at the same time. In this regard, I still have problems because I can pay attention to a few conversations while writing a letter and talking on the phone. It’s an element of social grace that I never learned growing up in a male family.

"So. How does Karen look like Bob?" Swaena spoke in her usual enthusiastic manner as she sat next to John with her hand on his arm. They didn't live together at the time, if I remember correctly. Swan was separated or divorced, and John hung out with his sister Peggy more.

"I guess her hair is dirty blond and short, but full, with a bang. I guess I like her round face and I suppose you could say she's pretty and not pretty. She's not trying to use makeup and other things … her skin her lips are full and her eyes have depths that are brown but not dark like some You know there must be chemistry and a good vibe for me I was a little shocked that she wrote you and there was a song in it hinted that she wanted me as a boyfriend or whatever. "

"If it takes you to a CEO party that means something, right?" John smiled.

"Yes, I suppose. But it just might be that she needs a date."

"I see you're in a far different position than most of your ladies. Do you like to be passive?" Swan joked a little.

"Yes, I'm much more exploring the yin aspect or female support of my humanity. Her ego takes up most of the space available, which I suppose you could say."

"We share the stage pretty easily not me John."

"I think you're a little more into that." We all had a little rustle, everyone knew Swaena was one of the liveliest and happiest people, except maybe her mother whom I loved dearly.

"The fact that you are both Cancer makes you feel good."

"Do you think Karen is a good thing for you?" Swan asked.

"I know I can learn a lot from her. It's too early to say much more than that. She fills my heart and I'm a little desperate."

"Does Myrna still have a lot of your heart?" John asked wisely.

"I will always love Myrna! If you've ever really loved anyone, I don't think this will ever end. But no, Karen won't be what Myrna could have been or was for me. I'm starting to know how special Myrna is. was for me. "

"Will you be going to the cottage while you're here? I think it's the best and most beautiful place in the world!"

"Swan thinks that God lives there now." John touched Swan's hand on his arm and looked at her with a supple smile.

"No, I think I want to go back to Virginia as soon as I can. I guess I should check out a couple of other cities along the way."

"Me and I are taking your mom this weekend."

"Is that Lambie?"

"No, it's French for a friend." "Swaena smiled a big smile.

"That's nice. I think that's the thing that Karen and I might have trouble being. Myrna is all that and more."

The director's house in the woods near Chapel Hill was a geodesic dome. I have never been to one of the designed homes of my hero Bucky Fuller. I was honored to be there and proud to meet Karen. Sometimes she held my hand and seemed to kiss me once. I was standing in the glass-covered garden next to the house when a bearded college professor with a lot of gray under a tweed coat approached me. He was standing on the step when he first started talking to me and he was still slightly shorter than me. His Scottish stocking and pixie smile made me feel comfortable, but I don't remember his name. He liked my name and smiled as he told me about Robert de Bruges, which was Bruce's original name. He was from the University of Edinburgh and one of the leading psychic researchers. There were many other such lights at this party and I was definitely a little scary. I met with the director and some other people and heard that JB Rhine might even have appeared even though I don't think he was. I told this gentleman about Ed and the wind and the rain & # 39; as well as Dottie / Esalen and Baskin-Robbins and the bed frame over the next half hour. He told me a lot about Esalen and people like Joseph Campbell he knew personally. He had heard of Ed and there was no sense of surprise at any of the stories I had told him.

"These things are not easy to explain. I agree with you on energy and a possible scientific explanation. We need to show much simpler and more basic details to get funding. Rhine has a government in & # 39; and he can do what he pretty much wants "It's hard to get people like Karen who can perform these psychic abilities reliably. She is one of the six best people in the world."

"Does that include Russia and Nelya Michel or Barbara Ivanova?"

"Yes, and the gurus from India, who are also pretty good."

"I imagine there are better ones out there who still don't do science ?!"

"Yes. Or so they say. We've tested many that can do amazing things like you say, but we don't know how to break it down into realistic experiments."

"In many cases, such as wind and rain, it is not what the contractor intends as much as the response of nature or energy."

"That's part of the problem you're sure. I wish you well with Karen. She's a strong woman and I think I see some strength in you, too. I need to talk to some colleagues."

"It was quite gracious to talk to you with me. I really am like a fish out of water among all the older and more experienced people."

"You handle it pretty well … I have to go."

Karen came to talk to me. "You spent a lot of time with him. What did you talk about?"

"I think he wants to make you go to Edinburgh and do research with them. I think they would be willing to give you free school and housing plus what you spend the money you need. He said it's hard to get reliable contractors and the test results don't look statistically good when you work with hits and misses. "

"I get along well here and I'm really not for the money. This is a top-notch research center in the world of parapsychology. Christchurch in New Zealand is interesting too. You know, I think you look pretty good tonight."

Karen took my hand and we left shortly after. I stayed at a motel and left after having lunch with her the next day. It was clear that I would have to work hard to open up and let go of love. Still, it was not my main concern to meet her. I would be happy to collaborate in writing a book or just maintaining a friendship. We were still in the psychological phase of some call and storm & # 39; and I didn't buy that she was as strong or as unique as she wanted me to believe. Powers like what she could show were what Krishnamurti and those like Ed called siddhis & # 39; and said the restraint was caught in the chase. I felt that such constraints were forced into such researchers. To use cultural or reductionist methods of linear & # 39; the science of chaotic reality was filled with all the wrong insights. I knew that for sure, because I knew that Jesus was just another man, even if he was also the risen lord.

It's been about a month and I've seen Karen twice during that time for dinner and a movie. I think we danced once this time and I'm not sure, but it might have been the first time I met her mousy & # 39; lesbian friends. I remember getting a bad vibe from her as soon as I saw her. My friendship with Marc was growing and he introduced me to some interesting people. I was getting better at reading palms and doing it occasionally with girls in cafes.

"You love women too much Bob. I think you should shed some light on them and realize that they are having fun too."

"You are making convincing arguments and I would sure like to relax a little. Still, I don't know if I can go that far."

"If you could understand that they often get drunk with a feeling of love just like you, and that it's normal human chemistry, I think you'll find a lot less pain."

"Marc, you are only a couple of years older than I am, but I see that you are far more experienced. I didn't have a female role model and that could be part of my problem. Anyway, I really like intense bloating and I've found things can grow from there. A lot of my own relationships are far more psychological than physical. "

"I see you really like the physical. I think you are too restrained. All these psychic things may be a shield or a way of rejecting some people."

"Why interfere if you don't have the kind of relationship you know you could be? I had something too good to wear out with just sex."

"Whatever! My brother Richard's been coming for a while, and he's in Yogananda and a lot of the same shit. I guess you two will run into Autobiography of yogis i The science of religion things. I've read enough to know that the balance in my life is as good as any that the demon needs for knowledge seems to really know! "

"You are certainly set and capable of gaining flow. I wish I was more like you sometimes. In the final analysis, I have to do what is good for my heart and I cannot act like I really care. Someone if it is not as true as I can be. "

"I never lie to a lady, Bob. They always need someone to kiss their feet and caress their beauty."

John came to visit and met Marc who wanted to work with us. There were issues with immigration and customs, but it was more a question of whether Marc was the right person to rely on as a project manager. We went through a few troubled people and art contractors. We somehow found ourselves in Spectrum in downtown Norfolk, where Jose Silva was preparing for a congressional seminar. We actually needed to get to know him and I talked about psychometry issues. That was supposed to be Jose's theme that night. This is original psychometry, not what Dottie and IQ testers do. Jose was a bald man of the sixties with a hairy appearance. He started as a teacher in Laredo, Texas, and has witnessed the issue for many years. Educational bureaucracy is a topic John and I have always been able to share insights on. We often agreed on this particular topic.

Discipline in the combination of science and creativity Silva mind control was something John found intriguing. He certainly couldn't accuse Jose of being a fraud. and remembered that Ed Tucker was a teacher in this program. Harvard studies that show 33% of what we learn comes through linear intellectual means have recently been completed, and I think I have made it clear that I think ESP is a largely untapped educational tool. Silva Mind Control also shows the results of psychic things that cannot be explained by other means. John apparently still insisted that intuition or ESP be explained by intellectual processes. The fact that police forces were distributing the world used psychometers that could hold a piece of clothing and adapt to the location and thinking of their owner was definitely not in John's worldview. We left to join Marco with a friend.

Along the way, I continued to talk to John about the book Seth is talking and Jane Roberts brokerage with the spirit of a guide who was part of the multidimensional personality associated with wife and self in previous lives. I told him it was consistent with my analogy of the energy wave coagulation of the cosmic soup that surrounds us. John became stubborn in his defense and it was time to meet Marc's friend Steve. He was an accountant by training and had a theory that was consistent with what I was saying to John. He described reality as a daily newspaper. Each reflects a point in time and a state of growth. Descartes charts & # 39; X & 39; and & # 39; Y & # 39; coordinates or vectors meant the growth potential of this consideration. Other pages dealt with the passage of time and its passage. Education Spiral & # 39; moving across the page in one dimension kept repeating and evolving as growth came.

I was with Karen a week ago and although I didn't know much about witchcraft at the time, I'm certainly wondering what her possible influence is in this, now. She took me home to her and made love to me. Then she said to me, "How do you feel about using yourself like other people. My girls told me to hit them! You're a bastard …"

"I never hit them. I have the least interest in them. You are very wrong about this Karen."

"I know you in a way that you can imagine. You will never darken my door again. I will ruin your life to the best of my magical ability."

"Do your best, I know the use of mirrors."

I told her that I had adapted the crossing of the Christian faith by cleansing the negative energy and restoring the unwanted or bad part. It involves welcoming what is right and being open to change, but not letting what is wrong affect me. I use the rhyme and a little reflective aspect of what the Wiccans are doing with candles or palms. It is only now that I am rewriting this book that I am thinking that my weight gain of five pounds while running with John in Morristown and eating only 1000 calories a day for two weeks could correlate with her work on me. Normally I would lose this fifteen pounds.