Massachusetts times & # 39; Volume Health and IRS Section 125 POP Plan

Given the emphasis on federal health care reform is easy to get rid of attention to solutions that create some of the state to take control of the issue in the State. Since 2006, Massachusetts requires its citizens care. This landmark legislation has been praised throughout the country for the activity and needs of the citizens of Massachusetts. The epitome of this initiative with the & # 39 is the Massachusetts Health Connector – a service that connects residents of Massachusetts with the necessary medical care.
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Massachusetts employers with more than 11 employees who are entitled to, should create a plan of Section 125 to make access to health care for their employees. If you have 11 or more employees, and you do not plan to offer 125 section, you can get an additional supplement for the riders, if your employees will receive public health services. While it may seem the weight, the creation section 125 plan – it is really a great thing for you and for your employees.
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Why Partition Plan 125 win-win?

125 POP Plan is often called up exclusively of premium plan or product, and is controlled by section 125 of the Code of Internal Revenue. If the benefits offered under the plan section 125, the premiums paid by employees are calculated from their pay on the basis of taxation.
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This means that the taxable income of each employee below, as well as FICA and Medicare tax fee. For the employer, you will also use part of the relevant fee. Employers also save federal tax on unemployment and, depending on the state or county may also have additional tax savings.
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Even if you have less than 11 employees who are entitled to, and you do not want to create a section 125 plan, only taxation can make it worth it!

How do I create a Section 125 plan?

For Massachusetts employers in the Connector section, there is a sample document that you could view or offer his counsel and to keep it in line. Or you can hire a professional company to administer the documents that will create and maintain a section 125 plan with ease. They can provide a plan documents are ready for signing, customized for you and your needs, and in full compliance with IRS rules, just fifteen minutes.
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Currently, in Massachusetts and Utah state legislation acts for employers participating in the exchange, to create and support the partition plan of the Health 125, but for any employer that requires the employee’s contribution to health benefits, it is a great good for all, who is engaged.
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City areas – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Located just two miles from downtown Boston and connected by two bridges, you find Cambridge, Massachusetts. The birthplace of the world-famous Harvard University, MIT and Lesley College, Cambridge, with & # 39 is a bright and interesting city, full of history, art and academic science.
What you may not know about Cambridge – is that it is often called the “city of squares”. At Cambridge there are six squares, and now a few details about each of them and where they are in Cambridge:
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1. Central area. This is an area in Cambridge, the center of which is joint avenue Massachusetts Avenue and Western Avenue. Lafayette Square, which was formed at the junction of Massachusetts Avenue, Columbia Street, Sidney Street and Main Street, is also considered part of the Central Square area.
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2. Square Inman. This neighborhood in Cambridge. It is located to the north of Central Square, at the junction of Cambridge, Hampshire and Iman Street, near the border with Cambridge Somerville.
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3. The area of ​​Kendal. This neighborhood in Cambridge, itself a “square” at the intersection of Main Street, Broadway, Vudsvort Street and Third Street. It can also refer to a wide business district, which is east of Portland Street, to the north-west of the Charles River, north of MIT and south of the street Bini.
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4. Harvard area. This large triangular area in the center of Cambridge, at the intersection of the avenue Massachusetts, streets and brothers John F. Kennedy Street. It operates as a commercial center for Harvard students, as well as residents of western Cambridge and the inner western and northern suburbs of Boston near the historic heart of Harvard University, Harvard Yard and Square (as it is called locally).
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5. The area of ​​Porter. This neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts located around the intersection and Prospect Avenue Somerville, between Harvard and Davis area. Porter Square station serves as the MBTA red line, and the passenger journey. Station is about 200 meters from the border with Somerville, so inhabitants “Porter Square” includes residents of both cities.
6. Area Lehmer. (Pronounced “n & # 39; turnout”) square is located at the intersection of the first and St Cambridge. East Cambridge. It was originally named the owner of the landed era colonial era Richard Lehmer, Loyalists, who returned to England at the beginning of the American Revolution. Later, his lands were seized by the new US government. The coastline on the maps shown in the Revolutionary War as a “point of Lehmer” and was the point of landing of British troops, who moved to the battles of Lexington and Concord.
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Each square has its own unique identity, and you often meet people who are & # 39 are partial and loyal to the other square. They seek to communicate, buy and “party” on his favorite area. However, if you are visiting Cambridge, Massachusetts, feel free to take a uniqueness all its space and what they can offer. We all have art, restaurants, music venues, and, of course, interesting people who mlynayuts from around the world. You may also & # 39; traveling with his beloved Square in Cambridge!


Massachusetts restaurants with character in New England

We have all seen the commercials showing smiling family & # 39; nd with perfect, white teeth and hair cuts that are eaten in the street and have the time of your life at a local restaurant network with perfect food and a lively atmosphere.
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However, if we eat in these places sometimes it’s just as much fun as watching how the local gas station changing tires on Friday night, or watch the television marathon Pauly Shore.
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Lack of mediocre food, no atmosphere and the unique character of the overall total, soulless feeling often leave us in the search for the “real restaurants in New England” – the kind that makes you feel good living in this region at the time of service. food that gets in our traditional way.
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No one is hand rubbed, soaked it with garlic, and no writer who sits next to you and says, “Hi, my name is Alma and I am your waiter this evening Now I really do not.”. ; t like you, but my corporate training program makes me sit next to you, because I can not find another job, I’ll just take your order, and hope more will not see you after this meal. , Let me say that I have on the menu (as if they were the masters and created food for yourself!) ”
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Ouch! Let’s go back to a simpler time, having become acquainted with the classic New England restaurants with fresh regional food, not quite fresh fodder rack and refreshing atmosphere that would please everyone, from George Washington to his nephew surgical applications in hand:
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Old mill in 1761, the route 2A, Westminster, Massachusetts (north central Massachusetts), phone (978) 874-5941 – This former sawmill, built in 1761 by itself to & # 39; is the main attraction of New England with its beautiful pond with ducks and a waterfall, covered pedestrian bridge, the old wooden front porch and charming dining rooms that make you say, “Yes, I’m in New England.” Having a fireplace (except during summer), a designer bar and old wooden floors in the lobby and dining rooms, and creaky store Gift with stone floors in basements, old mill – your main restaurant in New England. nothing like that will now indicate if the food would not be helpful, but the food is good, rich and beautiful overall value.
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Some excellent items: sweet, sticky roll with pecans, chicken pot pie, roast duck and the “Old Mill Shyzler” – a thick section of the main ribs, grilled with peppers, onions and mushrooms on a hot sizzling platter with sauce of teryyaki. For dessert, save room for the wonderful homemade apple crisp apple! Important to the & # 39 is the Sunday morning buffet with homemade corn tortillas and the baker’s loaf, carved ham and roast beef, a special breakfast and a great variety of homemade desserts.
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Inn Salem Cross, Route 9, West Brookfield, Massachusetts (central Massachusetts), phone (508) 867-2345 – a colonial dining room version of “The Sound of Music”, located on 600 acres of rolling hills, fields, meadows and woods in a really beautiful untouched and underrated region of Massachusetts called Kuaboag Hills.
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In business since 1961, and the main house, built in the early 1700s, the hotel was named Salem Cross sign witches, found on the front door lock. You will not find in a vat of any spellcasting service or green brew, simply stunning rates in New England, similar to the ribs (cooked in a reduced one thousand six hundred ninety-nine vuleynay oven), pot roast with the Yankees, chicken pie with chicken, Atlantic salmon, fried raspberries with fried duck, Indian pudding, pumpkin with salmon, pumpkin muffins, homemade bread, frozen cabbage and amazing pecan pie and apple pie.
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In addition to the delicious fare, Salem Cross Inn is almost like a community within itself on shmatkrohavyh feasts, contests, apple pie, herb choices, fried fireplace pits theater “Mystery dinners with murder”, as well as at different times and sleigh ride hayrydy. season.
The atmosphere is also a country in its three charming floors: in the chestnut room has a huge fireplace made of field stone and 42-tower beams length; old barn of hay has a beautiful view of the forests and meadows; and smaller rooms filled with antique books, maps, documents, and other interesting items, create a scene of New England, which will remain with you long after visiting this memorable dining place.
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Longfellow & # 39; . S Wayside Inn, 72 Wayside Inn Rd, Sudbury, Massachuset (western suburban Boston), Telephone (978) 443-1776, Toll Free: 1-800-339-1776 – What could be the tourists trap given its history – is, Fortunately, one of the best options for a traditional dining room in Massachusetts and New England. Rustic rooms, cozy light and the expert, warm service combined with fresh and delicious homemade bread, ice cream, Boston Sroda, cake with Omar, fried Yankee pot and apple pie with a deep dish, to make one of the best traditional dishes of “New England” experience . Best known as a gathering place Henry Uadsvorta Longfellow’s 1862 “Tales of roadside hotels,” roadside hotel deals with 1716 (it also fancy restaurant for living) and retains the old kind and tradition intact – for example, the village “Old Barney room” looks like a colonial version of “Cheers!”
The firm on Wednesday said it raised $23 million in a funding round led by Japan’s SBI Holdings to fuel an aggressive expansion into Asia. SBI, a financial services business spun off from SoftBank, has made headlines in the past due to partnerships with blockchain companies like Ripple and R3. Elliptic also counts Spanish bank Santander as an investor.
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Terrorist funding is just one area of illicit activity the firm’s platform deals with. It’s also used to track people trading child pornography and drugs, as well as hacks that result in funds being stolen. Elliptic shows a different side of the crypto industry, in that its technology is seen as more favorable to financial services businesses and regulators.
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Smith said the cryptocurrency industry has seen more growth in the last 18 months than it has in previous years. It’s enjoyed publicity from bitcoin more than doubling in value since the start of the year and Facebook announcing plans to launch an asset-backed virtual currency called Libra, in partnership with other tech and finance firms.

But Libra has been faced with fierce regulatory pushback. President Donald Trump has said Facebook may be required to seek a banking license to launch it, while several U.S. lawmakers have panned the company’s digital currency plans. Central bankers have also poured cold water on the idea, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saying the project should be halted until regulators’ concerns are addressed.

Some facts about the treatment and prevention centers and treatment programs

The choice of drug rehab center can make all the difference in terms of a successful recovery. Suppose that a person is suffering from any addiction and wants to rehabilitate himself, almost half of the recovery path can be solved by selecting the appropriate rehabilitation centers and treatment programs. If you are looking for the appropriate narkolagichny center, it is always better to spend it on a search for the best in your state. The choice of drug treatment center for alcohol and drug rehabilitation always requires a certain amount of attention to the successful recovery of its task. There are more than enough drug rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts, which offer several programs of treatment depending on the type and depending on the state of patients. Treatment programs in these centers are always different from the drug. This treatment center offering such treatment programs, which cover all aspects of addiction, which is morally and physically. Thus, it clearly shows that if someone chose the wrong rehabilitation program, the chances of successful recovery is always reduced. This article has useful information about drug rehabilitation center, which will help you in an effective drug treatment.

Before you enroll in any drug rehab center in Massachusetts, let me confirm that the treatment duration of the program may take more than a month. Thus, you have to be patient, to obtain effective treatment in these centers. Upon receipt of the patients in these rehabilitation centers first and foremost, that the proposed center, – a detoxification program. In this program, virtually all death and toxic materials that are present in the body of the addict are removed using various drugs. Typically, the duration of the detox program takes a week, and through this process they prepare for another drug rehabilitation program. It has been seen that most people are willing to leave the medical point because they can not tolerate the withdrawal symptoms during this process. So it is always recommended to carry out a detoxified by a qualified health care professional who is prepared enough to handle any situation in this period of treatment. Once the detoxification process is finished, these centers offer inpatient and outpatient treatment, which depends on the condition of the patients.

Although effective for detoxification of physical recovery of patients, it is also important to provide for efficient recovery of psychological rehabilitation. For effective and best treatment, most centers offer inpatient treatment for those who suffer from severe addiction. But in other cases for outpatients they have frequent therapeutic option to get the proper treatment and care. The residential treatment programs possible faster recovery compared to outpatient treatment program, because during inpatient treatment, the patient is constantly observed round the clock health care workers.

Thus, to obtain an effective treatment to rehabilitation, always keep in mind the above.

Johnson & Johnson are studying a new blood test for cancer

A new test that can detect one cancer cell in a small blood sample among a billion healthy cells, is developed. Veridex, the company Johnson and Johnson, and Ortho Biotech Oncology Research & Development (ORD), division of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R & D, collaborating with researchers at the Massachusetts University Hospital (MGH, Boston, MA) to work on breeding tests on the market.

The initial prototype was developed by a team of doctors, engineers and biologists led by Dr. Daniel Haber and Memeta Toners at the Massachusetts General Hospital. It was first reported in 2007. The test detects circulating tumor cells (CCC), cancer cells that break away from the tumor is interested in blood. These CPC are extremely rare, they can be found for every billion surveyed normal healthy blood cells.

Haber and toner developed CTC-chip containing thousands of miniaturized columns coated with antibodies that bind to CTK. If the blood sample is passed through a chip, normal cells are, but CTK adhere. Special stains allow investigators to calculate the number of TCC in the patient's blood sample.

This test can be used to help doctors more quickly make decisions about how to proceed in the treatment of cancer patients. If the doctor gives a particular drug and the number of cancer cells in the blood falls, the doctor will follow this treatment. If the number of tumor cells circulating in the blood, increases or remains the same, the doctor may switch to another drug that may work better in the destruction of cancer.

For example, doctors may appoint drug or radiation treatment and then do a CT scan a few months to find out whether the patient has a tumor has not changed. The patient may not survive a few rounds of adjustments of treatment, when it is necessary to wait to see whether there can be found the change in tumor size. While CT – full-body X-ray, CTC-chip is simple and requires only a few teaspoons of blood and they are able to accurately determine whether the treatment was able to quickly.

CTC-chip has been tested experimentally in about 200 cancer patients. A grant for $ 15 million, provided by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) "Preparation for cancer", will allow investigators in four major research institutions to study the test on a larger number of patients with cancer. These institutions include: Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA), University of Texas cancer center named Anderson (X & # 39; Euston, Texas), Cancer Institute Dana-Farber (Boston, MA), and Memorial Cancer Center Sloan- Keteryng (New York, NY).

Now the expensive chip (about $ 500) and requires experience to use. Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson to help the investigation MGH find ways to make the chip faster, cheaper, more sensitive and easier to use by physicians. I hope more. This chip can change the way cancer diagnosis and treatment in the near future.

Adolescent girls – a subject of sexual harassment

The press, as well as lawyers for employment significantly acquainted the American public with the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Many of the adults were subjected to sexual advances, requests for sexual goodwill and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, had the purpose or effect to interfere unduly in the career person, creating zapalohvayuchuyu, hostile, humiliating or sexually offensive work environment. . However, over the last few years the general public has become aware not only of how unprofessional and unethical practices such, but more importantly, how such behavior can lead to significant costs and bulk solutions for emotional disorders.

Employers and supervisors in Massachusetts can not sexually harass their employees by direct or indirect intent. If you oversight behavior aim and result of undue interference in his career employee, creating zapalohvalnyya, hostile, humiliating and sexually abusive working conditions, the courts of Massachusetts classify this behavior as sexual harassment. Cardona v. Conn. Car Rental, 20 wt. L. Rep. 82 (2005). More precisely, according to Massachusetts law, it is unlawful practice for an employer, as defined General refer to the mass law. 151B, § 1 (5)To sexually harassing any employee. Furthermore, sexual harassment is not limited by any verbal conduct of a sexual nature that is unreasonably expected to interfere with the employee's work by creating humiliating or sexually offensive work environment. 151B. Melnychenko v. 84, timber 424 wt. 285 (1997).

According to the law of the State of Massachusetts, the employee has the right to get rid of the unreasonable, substantial or suras & # 39; oznaga invasion of privacy, as stated in GL c. 214, § 1B, will testify. In case, if the defendant's entrepreneurship is a violation of the rules of supervision, while he or she holds a supervisory position, acts of sexual harassment fall within the scope of employment for the purposes of GL c. 214, § 1B. College-Town, Div. by Interco, Inc. against Massachusetts, Comm & # 39; n Against Discrimination, 400 Mass. 156, 165-167, 508 N.E.2d 587 (1987).

As a result, many companies have since introduced a policy of harassment, they require that all employees read before starting work. In addition, there are training programs for the workforce for adults in many companies. The problem is that many companies are working part-time teenage staff who do not understand the consequences of sexual harassment and does not participate in any of the training programs, read the manual or refer to sexual harassment by their supervisors, who in many cases teens. This is especially a problem for businesses, which can usually be found in shopping centers, such as fast food, retail company and amusement.

During 2007, according to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEAK), referring to the 16 – 19 year olds, "filed the charges and the evidence points to the obvious fact that discrimination on the & # 39 is a problem for teens." According to the professor of social work Susan Fineran, 35% of the students surveyed said they are sexually harassed at work, of which more than 60% – teenage girls. According to the report of the Nation & # 39 magazine; s Restaurant News, over the past decade only restaurant paid 7.3 million dollars for the trial of sexual harassment among adolescents.

What is the point of all this? If corporate America wants to avoid costly litigation, it must do a far better job educating teenagers working part-time, just as they did with their entire workforce for adults.

Anne Bredryt, "dear and loving husband", the discussion

"To my dear and loving husband" was written by the first poet of America, Puritan, Anne Bradstreet. In fact, Anne Bredryt – this is only one of several female American poets during the first 200 years of American history. After Bredstryta can only list the Phyllis Wheatley, a black poet of the 18th century, Emma Lazarus, the poet of the 19th century, whose famous words appear on the Statue of Liberty, and the well-known poet of America of the 19th century Emily Dickinson, America. .

"To my dear and loving husband" has several standard poetic features. One of the two rows – rhyme scheme. Another Anaphora – repetition of the phrase in the first three rows. And the third part – the popular iambic pentameter.

Iambic Pentameter characterized unrhymed line of five feet or accents. Each stop comprises a composition without pressure and composition with emphasis, as in "yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes".

The theme of love poems of Anna Bredryt – it was her love for her husband. She praises him and asks the heavens to reward him for his love. Poem – a touching display of love and affection and extraordinarily uncommon for the Puritan era of the colony of Massachusetts Bay, where Anne lived Bredryt.

It was expected that the Puritan women will be restrained, domestic and subject to her husband. They are not expected and did not allow to show his wit, charm, wit and passion. John Winthrop, Massachusetts governor, once remarked that women who showed intelligence and intuition, tended Soshel & # 39; yatsets.

Anne Bredstret Anne Dudley born in 1612 in England. She married Simon Bredryta, when she was 16, and they both went with family & # 39; s in America in 1630. Severe cold and the journey took 3 months in America. John Winthrop was also a passenger trip. Travel landed in Boston and the passengers joined the Massachusetts Bay.

The men in the family & # 39; and Anna Bredryt were leaders and politicians. And her father, and her husband became governor of Massachusetts. Her husband, Simon often went for weeks on the colony as an administrator.

Poem Anne Bredryt "To my dear and loving husband" was a response to her husband's absence.

Very little is known about the life of Anne Bredryt in Massachusetts. She has no portraits, and she does not even inscription on the tomb. She and her family & # 39; I have moved several times, each time further away from Boston at the border. At Anne and Simon had 10 children over a 10-year period, and all the children survived healthy and safe, a remarkable achievement in view of the danger to the health and safety of the period.

Anne Bredryt was very intelligent and largely self-education. It saw itself suras & # 39; ozna as an intellectual and poet, widely read history, science, art and literature. However, as a good Puritan woman, Bradstreet did not make all his achievements.

Bredstret wrote poetry for herself, something & # 39; and and friends, never meaning to publish them. Consider that her friend Anne Hutchinson was intellectual, educated and led women's prayer meetings where alternative religious beliefs were discussed. She noted heretics and banished from the colony. Hutchinson eventually died in an Indian attack. Is it any wonder that Anna Bredryt did not hesitate to publish their poems and to draw attention to yourself?

Early poems Bredryt Anne were secretly delivered to her in-law to England and published a small volume when she was 38 years old. That was well sold in England, but the verses were not so satisfied, as her next work.

More recent work Bredstreta were not published during his lifetime. Her poems of love for her husband were private and personal. They had to share only with family & # 39; It and friends.

Although her health is often a cause for concern, especially during childbirth, Anne Bradstreet lived until 60 years.

Enjoy a wonderful achievement, "Dear and sweet husband."

To my dear and loving husband

If ever two were one, then surely we.

If ever a man was the favorite, and wife, then thee;

If ever wife was happy in a man,

Compare with me a woman, if you can.

I reward your love more than whole mines of gold,

Or all the wealth that has the East.

My love is such that Rivers can not repay,

It is not necessary to love thee, nor recompense.

Your love is such I can not fight back,

I pray you to heaven that I reward you.

Then, as long as we live, love, so be it insist

What if we no longer live, we may live ever.

The Rise and Fall Nepstera

With the help of a program written in 1999, 18-year-old computer science student at Northeastern University named Sean Faning unwittingly forever transform the way people use the Internet. The title of his program – Napster. Napster was the name of his teenage nickname because of his hair padguznyh, Napster – a free program for downloading, which could transform individual computers into servers that transmit MP3 music files over the Internet. Instead of a central server that stores all the music files, Napster has worked as an information carrier. Users can log in of Napster, search for artist or song title, and then go directly to the load to another user's hard drive. Slightly more than a year after its initial launch, Napster soon became one of the most well-known and very popular sites in Internet history. At the height of Napster advertised about 60 million users worldwide (Collins, 2002). Few Faning realized that his children will soon become as ubiquitous on the Internet, as e-mail and instant messaging. Not only that Fening understood that follows from this legal experience, which will be created as a result. In the end, what started as a simple program written for friends to share music, soon attracted the attention of not only young people around the world, but the IRA in the recording industry.

The history begins with Nepsteram south of Boston in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. 17-year-old Calin Fening was a senior high school student in 1980. One night, her older brother threw a party, marking his release in high school, and hired a local band called "MacBeth", to play at a party. It has received a great success: nearly 3,000 people spent at home. Younger brother John walked knee hat to collect money to pay for the group, and by the end of the night sent the pair of solemn money, his first entrepreneurial experience. On the same night, saying Fannings, Colleen was connected to one of the musicians and became pregnant. With the support of his father, Colin kept the child and named him Sean. However, the biological father of Sean, which was the son of one of the richest seven & # 39; ads Massachusetts rescued. In the end, Colin married ex-marines, who rode on a truck for a local bakery. His name was Raymond in September & # 39; e. The pair had four children, and Colin took care of them all, while her husband worked. "Money has always been a pretty big problem," – Sean said in the article "Business Week 2000". He added: "Around this was a lot of stress" (Ante, 2000).

Sean grew up near the public housing projects in Broktane. While September & # 39; er could see its already timid son comes out of chaos within the city that constantly surrounds him: "He went inside himself in depth and said: & # 39; I want to get out of it & #. 39, Despite the fact that it meant losing him a little bit, I would like for him, "- said in September & # 39; er, busy then a nurse's aide. While Sean was getting old, September & # 39; er turned to his brother John's business to help manage his son. As an incentive to the study, for every "A" he brought home from school a school Faning Uncle John and gave him the money. He also bought a nephew of computer & # 39; yuter Apple Macintosh, which in September & # 39; EPA never had any money (Menn, 2003). Life for the family of Sean & # 39; and Faninga consistently deteriorated. Relationships between fathers finally ended when his mother and stepfather had a split. During the year Sean and his siblings were forced to live in a foster home (Ante, 2000). Nevertheless, entrepreneurial uncle John Faning Shawn was always there to offer support to the young nephew. Sean worked in the summer as an intern in the department Chess.net Internet companies uncle John, NetGames, in the neighboring city of Hull. There Shawn became quite adept at programming from stazhystav studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. But, despite the fact that John was fond of his nephew, Sean reluctantly swallowed his uncle with a good work ethic. Sean had difficulties with the implementation of tasks and instead often focused on the games in the video game. "I just started programming, so a lot of time spent just vazhdayuchysya projects and playing," – said Sean (Ante, 2000). However, at that time Sean has learned that will soon make its digital music files MP3 (Maine, 2003).

Soon after graduating from high school in Garvitskay 1998 Shawn enrolled at nearby Northeastern University. What eventually became Nepsteram, it was created in the lounge for freshmen neighbors Faninga room at Northeastern University. After hearing complaints roommate, finding nothing but dead links to MP3 music files with conventional search engines such as Lycos and Yahoo !, as Shawn looked for an easier alternative. His idea was simple. He wanted to combine the usual ease of using the Internet file transfer technology, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) of such a network. Shawn knew he had to be a way of & # 39; to combine the width of the search engines such as Google, with "presence information" systems, such as instant messaging, which know who is signed at any time (Menn, 2003). This combined with the ability of individual users to choose which files you can share with others when you connect to the Napster network. These innovative elements of the program and the Napster network finally eliminated problems associated with dead links. In addition, when all users save music on their own computers, electronic tubes are zasmechvatstsa, when the new system is simply hooked up a couple of people and then gave up their own communications (Menn, 2003). Finally, these elements added feature that allow users to online-Napster to communicate in real-time.

Sean dropped from the North East in January 1999 to devote his full time to perfect his invention. According to a former colleague Tarek Chess.net Lubanov, he had rarely seen someone so focused. "I do not think people can appreciate how it worked," – said Lubanov (Menn, 2003). He only vaguely remembers the stage in mid-1999, not remembering the exact months, weeks or days. Among the common memories that he left behind this time, bends his Dell laptop, code is written and trickle on Uncle John's couch and the floor. Fearing that the software company has introduced a similar product in front of him, he furiously wrote all the source code for Napster 60 hours (Greenfeld, 2000). In May 1999, Shawn's uncle John has registered the company as Napster. John Faning would retain 70% of the shares of the corporation, and nephew Sean has retained only 30% of the shares of the corporation. Justification uncle John was that Shawn desperately needed a seasoned businessman like him to deal with the nuances of conducting the campaign. (Maine, 2003).

Word spread quickly at the University of Northeastern University, as soon as they have a former classmate Shawn pre-Napster beta program has been prepared, prepared for testing June 1, 1999. Hundreds of college students soon to engage in trade music. This revolutionary new file sharing service quickly became a buzz among Internet writers who frequented the boards of & # 39; ads and chat rooms. Napster has grown and developed rapidly network. Faced with the prospect of unprecedented popularity in such a short period of time, Fannings decided to raise capital for additional bandwidth and servers. The company moved from Hull, Massachusetts in San Mateo, California, to a more spacious location and hired additional workers. Additional capital investments in Napster came just in time. Napster became so popular that in some college campuses appeared clogged servers, the number of students who only use Napster. Schools like Penn State University, in 1999 introduced a moratorium on the use of Napster on campus campuses and on the Internet to try to alleviate the problem. Misfortune Napster has only just begun.

Sinister eventually attracted the attention of the American Association record (RIAA). December 7, 1999 beginning RIAA lawsuit against Napster, which claimed copyright infringement. In addition, the RIAA seeks compensation in the amount of $ 10 000 for each author's song, which is sold by Napster network. The unprecedented trial attracted a lot of media attention and achieved greater popularity of Napster, particularly with college students. Eskalatsyynyya groups of young people flocked to of Napster, to change the music, and the community soon attracted millions of members worldwide. At any time during this period with the Internet & # 39 appeared to millions of users, selling hundreds of thousands of songs.

Later, in the spring of 2000, the heavy metal band Metallica learned that unreleased studio release of their song "I Disappear" was traced and traded Napster. The result was that the single has been heard on many radio stations across America. Metallica was determined to find out how the song became so widespread. The obvious culprit was Napster. A claim of copyright infringement was filed April 13, 2000. After PDNet engage a consulting firm, Metallica soon discovered that the last weekend in April 2000, more than 335 000 individual users Napster sell their music on the Internet. May 3, 2000 Napster was granted 60 000 pages of user names that allegedly traded copyrighted Metallica songs copyright by Napster network. Metallica demanded that Napster ban 335,000 people are trading their copyrighted material, and Napster agreed. Napstera lawyer Laurence Pulgram said: "Napster launched emergency measures to comply with Metallica demands to block hundreds of thousands of supporters from using Napster system." He also added that "of Napster has always stated that it would act in response to copyright owners, and he fulfilled this commitment in good faith." (Dansby & Uhelszki, 2000).

May 5, 2000 Napster was a fatal legal blow. Judge of the US District Court Marilyn Hall Patel ruled that Napster is not entitled to "safe harbor" under the Copyright Act of the Digital Millennium 1992. The original Napster protection RIAA lawsuit was the fact that it was included in Section 1008. This section of the Act expressly states that:

"Under this heading can not be before the & # 39; revealed no claims of copyright infringement (1), based on the manufacture, importation or distribution of a digital audio recording device, digital media audio, an analog recording device, or an analog recording medium, or (2) based on the noncommercial use by the consumer of such a device or medium for making digital musical recordings or analog musical recordings. "

The court found that Napster users were admitted to widespread copyright infringement. In addition, the regulation also states that Napster "is responsible and liable for their actions." Exclusion from the 1008 AHRA section does not apply here, since the law provides immunity only commercial copying, rather than from public distribution. Napster network consisted of more than 20 million people. Thus, whenever the user is logged into the network and a shared hard disk content, it is widely distributed copyrighted material. Section 1008 AHRA As for breeding, not distribution of copyrighted materials. Therefore, according to the court, Napster users infringe copyright infringement, and Napster promoted copyright infringement. Judge Patel granted the RIAA request for a preliminary injunction, and July 26, 2000 it was ordered to close the site.

Meanwhile, Napster appealed the decision of 2 October 2000. Napster appeal was lost February 12, 2001. The offer of $ 1 billion from Napster to go beyond the court with the record industry was soon rejected. March 5, 2001 the Ninth Circuit Court ordered Napster to stop the trade of materials protected by copyright, in its network. As a result, Napster began to use filters to their search engine. Napster system completely blocked any artist name or song copyrighted when searching for users. Popular performers and song titles are no longer displayed in the search results. As a result, smart users Napster filters bypassed, intentionally wrong spelling of artist or song title on the hard disk. Napster users are still able to upload copyright music. As a result, Napster completely shut the entire network in July 2001, to comply fully with the court order. September 24, 2001 Napster settled with copyright owners in the amount of 26 million dollars for the illegal use of music and $ 10 million in advance to cover the coming of the royalty agreement. Napster May 17, 2002 has announced an agreement with Bertelsmann AG of Germany. The agreement would allow "Napsteru" to develop subscribers with a music catalog of Bertelsmann AG, in exchange for something that the German company has stopped the lawsuit against Napster. However, June 3, 2001 Napster filed for bankruptcy in accordance with Section 11. Sale of the company Bertelsmann AG was blocked, and Napster was forced to deprive the rest of its assets.

The current legal incarnation of Napster – a premium service to the subscriber base. Roxio purchased the Napster assets at auction in 2002. According to Wikipedia (2005), a member of which can temporarily rent a song, calculated monthly fee of $ 9.95 USD with the possibility to pay an additional $ 0.80 to 0.90 dollars per permanent download songs. While the new Napster has only a fraction of the old Napster's popularity, others fill the void in the world of peer files sharing. Popular services such as Kazaa, Limewire and Morpheus, are using technology infamous Sean Faninga. Yet in places where the original Napster was a central server, these services may vary by connecting directly to other network users. They are in fact difficult to adjust for copyright infringement, and as it is almost impossible to stop.

4 good reasons to have a roofing contractor roof in winter

If you live in a region of the country, like Massachusetts, with severe winters, you may be wondering why someone would consider replacing the roof in winter. Well, this is not as rare as you might think. Many roofing contractors offer their services all year round, even in cold and snowy regions such as Massachusetts, where I am. Roof house in Massachusetts in the winter roofing contractor's no different than they do in any other time of the year, with a few exceptions, and some contractors roofs and there crews even say that they prefer. First let's deal with what makes the roof more difficult at this time of year and the arguments against the order to install a new roof right now.

The street is too cold to replace the roof.

This argument simply does not contain water. Who can be cold, but who cares? Your roof is not worried. The crew, which sets your roof, anyway. Do not worry, if you guys are doing the installation. If the cold weather & # 39; ie they strongly interfere, they would not set a new roof in the first place, they work in the room. I know a lot of guys who prefer the roof in cold weather & # 39; is, just because it's cold. Try the roof of a black roof in the middle of summer. Let me tell you a lot of fun. In the summer, when the ground 90 degrees, this roofing felt 110 degrees (sometimes).

On my roof too much snow to replace it now.

Here, my friend, is why God made snow shovels. Spoil the snow from the roof is not really difficult. Usually it takes from an hour to half an hour to remove snow, and most contractors are not admitting even to pay for it, as they will be replacing the roof, rather than simply shoveling snow (service, many companies offer roofs in the North East). Crew need to be careful in doing so, to avoid the drop? Of course. However, the crew must be attentive in every respect when it comes to the roof of the house, this is nothing new. These guys – are professionals, and safety should always come first, and should always be the first responsible of the roofing company.

Well, I have just given you two reasons why many believe that the roof can not be done in the winter, and why they are not very good reasons. Now let me give you 4 best reasons that you should think about replacing the roof at this time of year.

1.) Ice platinum, causing leakage.

Winter in Massachusetts experiencing your house and roof in such a way, as opposed to any other time of year. The most common cause of leakage of the roof in the winter period is 39 & # terrible ice dam. Platinum Ice is formed above the cornice house that melted snow flows over the roof, only to freeze in the edge of the roof line. Here in Massachusetts, as well as in other regions with a cold climate, roofing contractors use a product called "ice and water barrier" along with appropriate technologies flicker to prevent ice damage Platinum your home and cause a leak. This technique is performed with the right provides additional protection not less than 3 feet from the edge of the roof. Many of the old roof is not installed "ice and water bar & # 39; er". If your roof is leaking due to ice dams, it may be the perfect time to the roof has been redone properly and ensures that the ice dam will not bother you and your home again.

2) Winter conditions generally worsen a bad roof.

If you had a bad roof before the winter, it is only in a worse condition when spring comes. There are many factors that have a negative impact on your roof in cold weather & # 39; e. I have already discussed the glacial dam, but there are others. In winter, when the temperature varies, it makes your shingles expand and contract, causing twisting and cracking on the old tiles. Let's say that the old shingles curled a little bit, then you get a good wet, heavy snow, and the weight of snow causes some of these twisted tiles to crack. Now you have a new roof leaked. In addition, if the wet, heavy snow then freezes, it may cause more damage to your old tiles. Defrosting and frostbite occurring during the winter time, it is not only bad for the old shingles. Old roof hate the cold winters.

3.) Faster service to your new installation on the roof.

It is a simple fact that the contractors roofing contractors in Massachusetts and roofs in general, winter is not so busy. What this means for the owner of the house that needs a new roof – is that your chosen contractor may be able to install a new roof for a few days after signing the contract, rather than waiting weeks, and sometimes months, when you hold until the spring, summer and autumn months. For many homeowners this reason alone should be a roof in winter.

4.) Save money by taking advantage of the slow time of year for roofs.

Who does not want to save as much money, especially when it comes to expensive home improvement project, such as the overlap of the roof. For the same reasons, you can get faster service by installing a new roof on roofing contractor in the winter, you will probably get a more favorable price than in the warmer months. Most professional installers of the roof give you the same warranty work on the roof, installed in the winter, as well as the roof, installed at any other time of year. Warranty on the material provided by the manufacturer of shingles and will be the same no matter what the season has been installed roof. Roof Contractors want to take the crews, and they will give you a better price, in order to avoid layoffs during the recession of the winter.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a house with an old roof that needs replacing, contact a local roofing contractor and find out for yourself why the roof of house in Massachusetts or any other house in the area – is a viable option in the winter and part of the deal!

201 CMR 17 Checklist on conformity to a mortgage broker! You under?

If you are a mortgage broker or a mortgage investor, who is engaged in business in Massachusetts, you need to understand how MGL93H and specification 201.CMR.17 affect how you need to handle personal information and manage your business in the future. On March 1, 2010 licensed mortgage brokers are responsible for security and personal information of all residents of Massachusetts who collect, process or store, you or your co-worker. Your mortgage business should have a written plan, known as the WISP "written information security plan" and execute it, not only to protect the safety and security of the personal information of your customers, but also to protect your business. Below is a checklist that will help you to organize and develop a plan that you will follow.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed a law MGL 93H, which determines the security breach and the rules of protection of personal information, any resident of Massachusetts. 201 CMR 17:00 decree implements the provisions of the Act and describes what you need to have in order to achieve conservation.

What does the 201 CMR 17 for my mortgage business?

201 CMR 17:00 establishes minimum standards for the protection of personal information, any resident of Massachusetts. It does not matter whether there was any such personal information in the closet for the submission of documents, boxes for the desk or in your network database, you are responsible for its security, as specified in 201 CMR 17. Massachusetts, like many states, is responsive to growth identity theft and is responsible for those enterprises (for example, a mortgage broker) to comply with a number of requirements in order to effectively protect the personal data of those who can use them improperly or illegally. As a mortgage broker, these rules affect how you do business and with whom to work. If your creators, employees in processing and even others that may be associated with the loan, such as a lawyer, real estate agent or credit bureau, have access to or store personal information about your borrowers or customers (living in Massachusetts), for example, their name, along with:

  • address
  • Social Security Number
  • Credit card number
  • a driver's license information
  • Other government issued identification information

these rules will also apply to them, and you are responsible for taking measures for the implementation and control of the collection, processing, storage and distribution of personal information. This means that you need to protect yourself and your business, and only share personal information with companies that you check that the 201 CMR 17.

This rule is not only about customers and clients. If you are in Massachusetts and you have employees who live in Massachusetts, and you keep the application for employment, copy of driver's license, personal file or information on payroll, they are subject to 201 CMR 17, and you have to perform.

So what are the steps you need to do to be in compliance?

The key to the CMR 201 with & # 17.00 39 is a development, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of a comprehensive security plan written information (WISP). This WISP is designed to address issues of return and storage of all records containing personal information. In addition to creating and maintaining a WISP, you will need to identify the components of the program. These include:

  • The appointment of one or more employees to maintain the WISP.
  • Identify and evaluate reasonably foreseeable internal and external risks to the security and confidentiality of any personal information that you treat in store
  • The development of security policies and procedures for staff and processing of personal information.
  • Limit the amount of personal information collected to what is necessary for the transaction.
  • Define all areas, and storage devices used for storing personal information and raspratsaytse its security plan.

201 CMR 17:00 goes further to address the complex security requirements & # 39; a computer system. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has defined technological requirements, to meet the requirements. These requirements should be discussed with the IT specialist. They influence not only on your server, but also on desktops, laptops, network scanners, and copiers. discuss:

  • Provision of protocol user authentication
  • The provision of such access controls that restrict access to records, and manage passwords and users.
  • Data encryption during transmission, as well as any data on mobile devices such as laptops and PDAs.
  • The belief in the presence of the current versions of security software such as anti-virus systems.
  • Education information security officers

Media related to the theft of personal information, have been associated with laptops. Personal information may be compromised and stolen during storage on computers or transmitted in electronic form, but these sensitive data may be stolen, sitting at a table or in an open file cabinet on paper. It is important to take into account even the way you dispose of this information, because you are responsible even for what you throw in the trash. Destruction and recycling services – key components of any effective mortgage company WISP. The objective of MA MGL 93H and 201 CMR 17.00 to & # 39 is the change in how the business treats the personal information and the important steps that must be done for the proper collection, use, storage, transportation and destruction.

Providing personal information to protect not only your customers but also your business from fines and lawsuits, and make sure that you correspond 201 CMR 17 and are now developing and implementing mortgage company WISP.

Differences from the Massachusetts Federal FMLA

Federal FMLA provides US employees free time in certain medical and family situations. Like other states, Maryland adds the rules to the FMLA. According to state law, Massachusetts provides for the rights of employees who need to take leave for the birth or adoption of a child, as well as other reasons, directly related to their own health or the health of family members & # 39; and.

Massachusetts law on family leave guarantees vasmitydnovy period of maternity leave for all women who work full-time, and allows employees to the private sector to release the job for other family obligations.

All staff members of Massachusetts can take advantage of at least eight weeks of unpaid maternity leave until they have passed the probationary period and worked their employers for three months. This law regulates both public and private employers. If the employer pays the allowance for other types of temporary disability, they also have to pay for women on maternity leave benefits.

To release is given during pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth and recovery. Unpaid leave is granted for the adoption of a child under the age of 18 years or the adoption of mentally or physically disabled person under the age of 23 years. The employer is obliged to return the employee to work the same hours and pay, as was made before release.

Leave for some family responsibilities

Leave Act for small needs says that private sector employees must be given 24 hours of non-payment in any 12-month period for the following reasons:

  • Participation in school activities directly related to the education of his children. They are defined in the federal law on family vacation & # 39; and.
  • For medical or dental appointments for their child.
  • For medical, dental or customary destination for the elderly elderly relative.

Employers may require employees to use accrued vacation for these purposes, any employee may choose paid rather than unpaid leave. 24 hours of rest may be used intermittently.

Employees must give notice seven days before the start of the leave, if possible. If rest is unpredictable, the employee should report it as soon as it is reasonable. Employers may request a certificate of the worker of the need to leave.

Veterans & # 39; leave

In Massachusetts, the veterans have the right to miss work to take part in the service of veterans, and recently Memorial Day. To release may be granted with or without pay him. However, employees who are considered necessary for public health or safety, or are responsible for the safety of his employer, are exempt from the veterans and # 39; leave status.

Victims of crimes go

Employees who have been victims of a crime and should be a & # 39; to appear in court, can not be punished by employers for absence from work. The employee must inform in advance about the planned absence.

Why should people not be afraid of the rehabilitation center

Every time when people are thinking about rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts, they are afraid. However, these centers are there to help them out only on the addiction. People have different ideas about rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts. However, they are full of experts and efficient people who know how to treat drug abuse, alcohol abuse and other types of addiction. Before you bring someone into drug rehab center in Massachusetts, you must first identify the problem. If you see that someone is always annoying and a withdrawal symptom from the & # 39 is very clear, that this man needs some treatment. Once you bring this person in rehabilitation, experts will tell you what type of treatment can help this person get out of the addiction.

There are several procedures of real treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Sometimes it can take a long time, and sometimes maybe just a few weeks. In Massachusetts you can find all world-class medical institution in rehabilitation centers. Just have to trust the experts. The man fell into the trap of dependence, it may seem that this is a very cruel, but we must understand that this is for his own good. If you are going through detox, then you need to fully believe in the treatment, otherwise you will not get the benefit.

Life can seem a bit tougher without dependence. However, experts in rehabilitation centers Massachusetts drug will give you to understand that you have a chance to start life again. Not everyone can get a second chance in life. If you get the opportunity, you should fully use it to enjoy life again. Life has its ups and downs, and in rehabilitation centers narkamazav Massachusetts you will begin to learn about it much more.

What you need to know about charges for driving while intoxicated (operating under the influence) in Massachusetts

How many of us drank a few bar drinks at the bar, a friend's home or at the event and thought that there were only a few, so I'm okay to go home. For some, this is expensive solution, and they were entrusted to work under the influence (OUI).

What you need to know about the collection with the UUI, is that if an experienced lawyer involved early, it can make a difference in the world. If OUI public prosecutor must prove a few things that do not cause a reasonable doubt, and we call this part of the crime elements. In the case of the elements of the offense with OUI & # 39 are: 1) the defendant, 2.) drove the car, 3.) the pubic and 4) while his ability to do so has been violated or his / her blood alcohol content above 0.08.

We will take these items one OUI. It may seem that no one thinks, but it must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they have the right person before the court. It's easy enough to prove, but it requires some identification, or circumstantial evidence; Typically, a policeman or a civil evidence testimony, which was on the site of the alleged crime, will be enough.

Secondly, to prove Nui, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are driving. Again, to prove this element is usually not that difficult, but an experienced attorney may be able to use this field to their advantage. The specific facts of your case will be crucial for the viability of the defense on this issue.

Thirdly, in order to prove universities, the prosecutor must is clever proof that the operation of the vehicle has occurred by the public. Again, this may seem easy, but for an inexperienced prosecutor may miss sight of the item, allowing an experienced lawyer OUI achieve directed verdict or do not find him guilty. Simply put, the prosecutor must prove that the operation took place in the area, usually open to the public for the management of vehicles.

Finally, the public prosecutor must prove that your ability to do so violated or that you have a blood alcohol content above 0.08. If the individual facts of the case allow the prosecutor can continue to both theories.

Starting with the latter, whether you have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 it will be proved either by a blood test, or more often a test of breath. However, if you refuse to accept any type of test this theory the prosecution will not be available, and to the fact that a court in Massachusetts, there was a failure, it is inadmissible. It is important to have an experienced quarterback BLI, especially the former prosecutor, since they are well aware of the possible problems that may prevent the use of such evidence in court proceedings, or on how to cancel it if it will prove in court.

Confirming the first theory about your ability to drive a car, many factors will eventually play the result was violated. They often include, but are not limited to, monitoring the behavior of the wheel (it was mismanagement) for your observations during the alleged offense (slurred speech, the ability to stand, bloody shot in the glass eyes, the ability to understand), were tested on the field sobriety and wherein, where the results (usually one leg or devyatsistupenchataya gait and rotation). It is important to remember that the refusal of the field sobriety tests can not be used as evidence against you. Experienced human rights in a state of intoxication has instructions for conducting these tests sobriety, and can often punch holes in the testimony of the administrator on the court.

Some final consideration, or & # 39 is this the next OUI, Massachusetts allows life to look back, so if you have ever been convicted or received continued without staying for OUI in any will in your life, you may be charged next following offenses and penalties have increased, I have listed below the possible penalties. In practice, this means that the prosecutor should conduct a retrial, if the first trial found guilty you to UPI, it is called a bifurcated trial. The prosecutor in this second process has to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that in fact you have already been convicted of a previous offense in a state of intoxication. Prove the following parts are often carried out by certified court documents, living testimony and registry of motor vehicle records. Again, this element is usually gipertehnichny and requires him to an experienced lawyer.

Please OUI / DUI / n & # 39; YANYYA RUKAVANNYA


The screen in the prison punishment: no more than two and a half years of correctional fine institution: $ 500 – $ 5,000

Suspension of the license: for 1 year license for the trials treated for 3 months to work or study, and general difficulty – 6 months

Alternative 1st order offenses:

Probation with mandatory participation in the program of the 24 th of alcohol and drug education, which pays a criminal

License suspended for 45-90 days, severe difficulty license is usually available after the reception program 24d.

2nd BACK

Screen in prison sentences: not less than 60 days, no more than 2 ½ years Fine: 600 – $ 10 000

Suspension of license: within 2 years of difficult work / education are considered to be in 1 year, common challenges – in 18 months

The license terms with the difficulties & # 39 is the installation of ignition interlock devices for at least 2 years.

Alternative discipline 2nd offense:

Suspended sentence with a 14-day treatment program Limited, paid a criminal.
Suitable for 1st order offense, if he had only one previous crime over 10 years old

Third BACK

Screen in prison sentences: not less than 180 days and no more than 5 years of state prison

It can occur in treatment of Corrections

Penalty: from 1000 to 15 000 dollars

Suspension of the license: 8 years difficult work / education are considered in 2 years, common challenges – in 4 years

The terms of any license for the difficulties & # 39 is the installation of ignition interlock devices for at least the period of difficulties.

fourth OUI

The screen in the prison punishment: at least 2 years (1 year minimum required), not more than 5 years

Penalty: from 1500 to 25 000 dollars

Suspension of the license: for 10 years the difficulties of working / education considered after 5 years, common challenges – in 8 years

The terms of any license for the difficulties & # 39 is the installation of ignition interlock devices for at least the period of difficulties.

fifth OUI

The screen in the prison punishment: at least 2 ½ years (the minimum amount of duty of 24 months), no more than 5 years (felony)

Penalty: from 2.00 to 50 000 dollars

License suspension: a lifetime without work

Fees for licenses recovery

First offense of $ 500.00
The second offense is $ 700.00
Third offense 1200.00 dollars