Guide sailors Haunted – Massachusetts

Massachusetts, a well-known rock of Plymouth, where the Pilgrims first landed, and testing of a witch in Salem, also with & # 39 is home to five of the most popular lighthouses in America.

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Baker Island Light

Baker Island Light, just six miles from the coast of Salem, home of the infamous trial of witches, believes that is haunted by a phantom bell.

This mechanized bell has sounded a warning to mariners of the imminent danger and sounded only once before being struck by lightning, which destroyed it. Lighthouse keeper had to go out in the storm, and manually hit the hammer ringing at regular intervals to keep the sailors. Bell has been replaced, but the new bell repeatedly failed and disappointed goalkeeper left his post.

Seventeen years later, visiting the lighthouse on the boat, the watchman and his passengers heard ringing. Letting go of a few passengers at a nearby harbor from the sea suddenly rose watercourse, knocking the boat and drowning all but a few passengers. The former keeper, who survived, believed that the warning sounded the bells.

According to legend, this bell, also destroyed by lightning, the alarm can be heard even when there is no apparent danger.

ghost walk
Haran Boston Harbor

Haran Boston Harbor on Little Bravster Island was the first lighthouse built in the pre-revolutionary war colonies. The initial design of the cone-shaped and first lit candles and oil lamps and then was destroyed by the British army in the garrison at Boston, after colonial militiamen twice attacked her.

When the war ended, it was erected a new tower that stood 75 feet above the sea, and over 200 years dominated against hurricane winds and high seas. A new Fresnel lens was installed in 1859, making Boston the world was seen for sixteen miles.

A small Brewster was the proportion of shipwrecks, though not as many as other lighthouses. Sailors still speak of "ghost walk" several miles from the island, where the beacon signal is not heard. New British and others believe that this area is haunted.

pirate Guardian
Bird Island Lighthouse

The first keeper of the lighthouse on Bird Island was alleged pirate, William Moore. Moore, who fought against the British in the War of 1812, the government borrowed enough money to justify their expulsion in his life is a lonely lighthouse keeper.

He was assigned to Bird Island Light in 1819, taking his wife who apparently married him if he had a financial solvency. Mrs. Moore, who suffered from tuberculosis and admired tobacco, forbidden to leave the island because my husband was afraid that one day gone, it will never return.

Humidity lighthouse aggravated her condition, and her despair tobacco so distressed her that people on the mainland have heard her screams. The local doctor urged Moore to allow her to smoke, but he stubbornly refused. The citizens, alarmed by her lamentations, took pity on her and her kantrabandavali tobacco, in spite of the fear of her husband.

When she finally died, Moore raised the distress flag, and the minister went to the island, the funeral rites and laid her to rest. The angry townspeople blamed Moore for her death, and he in turn accused them that they did not carry out his wishes. Rumor has it that Moore murdered her and covered the true cause of her death.

According to legend, several of Moore's successors reported that they had seen the ghost of an old woman, bending, knocking on the door late at night.

long farewell
Gurnet (Plymouth) Light

Gurnet or Plymouth Light, the oldest wooden lighthouse in America, which began in the days of the Revolutionary War, and with the & # 39 is one of the most popular.

Today the Coast Guard operates Plymouth Light, but many believe that the spirit of the former caretaker's wife pursues her room, waiting for her husband's return.

Hannah stayed behind to experience the light, while her husband went to fight for American independence from Britain. Her neighbors noticed her standing on another window about the evening, waiting for her husband, who, unfortunately, died in battle.

Some say that Anna still retains its right vigil, briefly with & # 39; being out of the window, and then quickly disappearing from sight.

Warning Creek shades of night
Minot & Ledge Light

Minot & Ledge Light – this is nothing like the tower, which sits on the reef that goes into the sea off the coast of Skituata. The first tower lasted less than a year before an angry sea demanded.

Isaac Dunham, the first curator of Minot & Ledge, strongly warned the authorities about the instability of the lighthouse, and he retired after fourteen months of unpleasant.

One day, Dunham's successor, John Bennett made a banner with a lighthouse, pointing out that he needed to get to shore. He left his two assistants, Joe Wilson and Joe Antoine, when he suddenly fell upon them, the wind, which was attacked by the wind over a hundred miles per hour. Bennett watched helplessly from the shore, the storm destroyed the lighthouse, killing his two assistants.

Several fishermen reported that they saw Antoine rocked the stairs and shouted, "Stay away!" in their native Portuguese. Next keepers reported that they see shadows in the room with the lights, hear the ghostly whispers at night and hear or feel the soft knock on her shoulders. Both Joe used these cranes to report about the end of the shift. One goalkeeper, hearing taps, committed suicide, and another went mad and was taken ashore in a straight jacket.

Then there is the window … usually it takes the whole day cleaning the windows above ground contaminated gulls, but each new assistant reports that the windows sparkling clean before you get to them.

Or are these stories – the truth or legend? Visit one and find out.