D & # 39; yabal in Massachusetts – a modern investigation of the results of trials of witches Mary Marion L Stark

Back cover edition D & # 39; yabal in Massachusetts I read that Mrs. Starkey "applies modern psychiatric knowledge to hysteria witchcraft", which finished off Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 Although the work of the Starkey, obviously well researched and a & # 39 is historically present, it is not out of & # 39 It is neither the investigation nor the psychological. assessment of new ideas about mass panic caused by several strongly disturbed young girls. It puts the reader question after question, but does not make any findings of its own hypotheses and none of them.

D & # 39; yabal in Massachusetts Elegantly written on the basis of Starkey research on actual transcripts, historical records and publications of the time. However, its tendency to ask questions and double negatives and placed subordinate proposals at the beginning of sentences causes the reader twice as much of the time to reread passages to understand its message.

The lack of any substantial dissertation on the population may be controversial in this message of peace on September 11, which would no conclusions were made in the publication of Starkey & 1949. Yet it would be interesting to know what made a couple of young girls between the ages of eight to eighteen years all of a sudden get into seizures and claim that they were tortured invisible stupid. They & # 39; cried & # 39; community members, mostly women, like their tormentors.

Arrests imposed and carried out at intervals to bring the accused to the magistrates, who firmly believe in the existence of witches. More alarming than hysteria concocted girls were courts & # 39; full advance purchase & ndquo; Spectral evidence of & nbsp; invisible witches and magicians who were observed only on the part of the affected girls. And they were not the only ones. Seven & # 39; and the accused retracted their relatives only at the thought that they are relevant to the witch, even if a woman has never shown any behavior resembling sorcery. Others stood next to their loved ones, resulting in countless witnesses to testify on their behalf. Coolers are not prevalent, so screaming and howling of teenage girls have an advantage over the more experienced and prudent people.

Other cities in the Salem area, such as Andover and Ipswich, met with the same episodes, but still prudence began to be used, and these cases were closed as quickly as it began.

Samavyvazhny Massachusetts preacher Cotton Maters also got hysterical, and thanks to its own inclinations and guilt could not save the man whom he found not guilty. In subsequent years, he was able to attach his name to the salvation of souls condemned piracy, a crime with more sensitive and specific evidence against the accused.

Despite the absence of any new information on the trials of witches in Salem, D & # 39; yabal in Massachusetts this is a great look at the mass confusion, terror and murder in peradkalaniyalnay New England. It brings to mind the old saying about the story that is repeated, but if Starkey did not clarify our reasoning on the psychological panic, we repeat it now? Days of witch hunts, to hang or burn them on the stakes, have ended. And what about our today & # 39; witch hunt & # 39; against persons of different race, religion or sexual orientation?

I believe that the answer to the first question: & # 39; so & # 39 ;.