Regionalization of emergency dispatch services in Massachusetts

In many counties of Massachusetts recently restore vital topic of emergency dispatch – a recurring theme. Issued grants, committees have been established and carried out the study. Why do all the time and effort, if, if you just look at the rest of the country, it seems that it is worthy of a trend?

In fact, Massachusetts – one of the only states that for the most part not regiyanalizavala its dispatching services. Of course, for such a venture takes years, investment and dedication. The point is this: Oregon worked 16 years to regiyanalizavats sending its state police services, but it's worth it. Now, there are two command centers, which act as the main point of contact for all the needs of the state police all over the country – instead of 26. Saving money of taxpayers, the implementation of economies of scale and the use of updated technology throughout the state.

This new themes from across the country – saving taxpayers, effective processes to send, more reliable high-tech technology. According to Thomas hitting that controls the dispatch center in Lakkavana County, on, and he was hired to advise on the regionalization of the sentence: "The level of knowledge, level of training and the level of service that can provide a regional center, just so much more responsive to communities' he said. Why did Massachusetts did not follow this example?

The point is not that the ideas were not presented. Over the past three years, all the proposals have been made in the counties of Essex, Plymouth and Worcester Regionalization of emergency dispatch service. And we agree with any suggestion of Massachusetts. The main reasons for the veto – those who oppose a & # 39; unification of services, the possibility of dismissal, lack of presence in the night rooms for visitors and varying degrees of familiarity with towns Manager.

It's not that they do not see the financial and procedural benefits of such a project, but those who are opposed, they do not want to rush into something without looking at it from all sides. The reason for the regionalization of emergency dispatch service should be not only in finance. The work performed by the control tower structure, there is clearly a human element. To a large extent the work that managers perform now, is walking, as well as monitoring the activities carried out during the night. If the city of & # 39; combined dispatching efforts, these elements are high-touch would be eliminated.

However, it is difficult not to notice the hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money that could be saved, especially at a time when the agency is expected to make fewer and larger, and the budget cuts forced each department to look more carefully than ever on his expenses. And if you go directly to it, almost every other state already combines the management of emergency services – and does so successfully. If nothing else, then there are many case studies that show us the way to the regionalization of dispatch of emergency for our own success.