Massachusetts restaurants with character in New England


We have all seen the commercials showing smiling family & # 39; nd with perfect, white teeth and hair cuts that are eaten in the street and have the time of your life at a local restaurant network with perfect food and a lively atmosphere.
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However, if we eat in these places sometimes it’s just as much fun as watching how the local gas station changing tires on Friday night, or watch the television marathon Pauly Shore.
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Lack of mediocre food, no atmosphere and the unique character of the overall total, soulless feeling often leave us in the search for the “real restaurants in New England” – the kind that makes you feel good living in this region at the time of service. food that gets in our traditional way.
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No one is hand rubbed, soaked it with garlic, and no writer who sits next to you and says, “Hi, my name is Alma and I am your waiter this evening Now I really do not.”. ; t like you, but my corporate training program makes me sit next to you, because I can not find another job, I’ll just take your order, and hope more will not see you after this meal. , Let me say that I have on the menu (as if they were the masters and created food for yourself!) ”
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Ouch! Let’s go back to a simpler time, having become acquainted with the classic New England restaurants with fresh regional food, not quite fresh fodder rack and refreshing atmosphere that would please everyone, from George Washington to his nephew surgical applications in hand:
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Old mill in 1761, the route 2A, Westminster, Massachusetts (north central Massachusetts), phone (978) 874-5941 – This former sawmill, built in 1761 by itself to & # 39; is the main attraction of New England with its beautiful pond with ducks and a waterfall, covered pedestrian bridge, the old wooden front porch and charming dining rooms that make you say, “Yes, I’m in New England.” Having a fireplace (except during summer), a designer bar and old wooden floors in the lobby and dining rooms, and creaky store Gift with stone floors in basements, old mill – your main restaurant in New England. nothing like that will now indicate if the food would not be helpful, but the food is good, rich and beautiful overall value.
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Some excellent items: sweet, sticky roll with pecans, chicken pot pie, roast duck and the “Old Mill Shyzler” – a thick section of the main ribs, grilled with peppers, onions and mushrooms on a hot sizzling platter with sauce of teryyaki. For dessert, save room for the wonderful homemade apple crisp apple! Important to the & # 39 is the Sunday morning buffet with homemade corn tortillas and the baker’s loaf, carved ham and roast beef, a special breakfast and a great variety of homemade desserts.
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Inn Salem Cross, Route 9, West Brookfield, Massachusetts (central Massachusetts), phone (508) 867-2345 – a colonial dining room version of “The Sound of Music”, located on 600 acres of rolling hills, fields, meadows and woods in a really beautiful untouched and underrated region of Massachusetts called Kuaboag Hills.
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In business since 1961, and the main house, built in the early 1700s, the hotel was named Salem Cross sign witches, found on the front door lock. You will not find in a vat of any spellcasting service or green brew, simply stunning rates in New England, similar to the ribs (cooked in a reduced one thousand six hundred ninety-nine vuleynay oven), pot roast with the Yankees, chicken pie with chicken, Atlantic salmon, fried raspberries with fried duck, Indian pudding, pumpkin with salmon, pumpkin muffins, homemade bread, frozen cabbage and amazing pecan pie and apple pie.
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In addition to the delicious fare, Salem Cross Inn is almost like a community within itself on shmatkrohavyh feasts, contests, apple pie, herb choices, fried fireplace pits theater “Mystery dinners with murder”, as well as at different times and sleigh ride hayrydy. season.
The atmosphere is also a country in its three charming floors: in the chestnut room has a huge fireplace made of field stone and 42-tower beams length; old barn of hay has a beautiful view of the forests and meadows; and smaller rooms filled with antique books, maps, documents, and other interesting items, create a scene of New England, which will remain with you long after visiting this memorable dining place.
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Longfellow & # 39; . S Wayside Inn, 72 Wayside Inn Rd, Sudbury, Massachuset (western suburban Boston), Telephone (978) 443-1776, Toll Free: 1-800-339-1776 – What could be the tourists trap given its history – is, Fortunately, one of the best options for a traditional dining room in Massachusetts and New England. Rustic rooms, cozy light and the expert, warm service combined with fresh and delicious homemade bread, ice cream, Boston Sroda, cake with Omar, fried Yankee pot and apple pie with a deep dish, to make one of the best traditional dishes of “New England” experience . Best known as a gathering place Henry Uadsvorta Longfellow’s 1862 “Tales of roadside hotels,” roadside hotel deals with 1716 (it also fancy restaurant for living) and retains the old kind and tradition intact – for example, the village “Old Barney room” looks like a colonial version of “Cheers!”
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