Hiking along the south branch of the state Greylok


In the far western corner of Massachusetts, on the northern tip of the Berkshires, is a state reservation Greylok mountains. This reservation covers more than 12,000 acres of pristine forests of New England, 50 miles of hiking trails and more than 1,500 hectares of recognized national natural sights. Adnachanne top center of the reservation – the highest peak in Massachusetts, Mount Greylok. On top of nearly 3,500 feet lies the historic War Memorial 100 feet and a rustic stone house, which is almost 100 years old.

Unlike most other hiking areas in the region, in the southern part of the State Reservation Mount Greylok Appalachian Trail is not used as the main pedestrian trails, and very few significant side paths actually unscrewed from it in this area. However one of respect to the terrain caution is that the stitches in this field var & # 39; iruyutstsa from very light to very complex. It is not always easy to understand that the head track and a beginner who has already won an easier way, it may be in trouble if they are not careful.

Probably my favorite track in the area – Round rocky trail. This is an easy hike of one kilometer with a few nice additions. Short and sweet, this tie is perfect for a quick hike or a day to burn more calories if you find yourself there. Now, when most people go on a hike on the nature, they specifically do not want to see intruders, but two such items make this trail unique, especially considering how much it is short. If you will go uphill from the southern entrance path, you first thing you will find is a brand of the old city. Built in 1912, this column represents the town of New Ashford and Cheshyr. I know that it's just enough, but such a thing in the middle of nowhere to cause my interest.

A few hundred feet further down the trail you come across a place of tragedy. In 1945, a small plane crashed here, and only a rotten frame and a small wooden cross remained. While boring can not help but ask what the story behind the disaster, anyone survived or how many died? I know it's painful, but places such as the old and abandoned house in the middle of nowhere just did not appeal to fans of mysteries in all of us. By the time you're done thinking about this question, you already find yourself again in the parking lot and probably think that with such a short trail you get a lot.

Another trail that added taste of the scenic beauty of the little man, this is an old speaker. About a mile and a quarter of this trail runs parallel Apalachavskay trail, but both are crossed with trails head south. Not far from this intersection you will see the old storage box, which was used in the early 30s for the storage of dynamite that was used to cut roads in the area.

If you are set on a colorful adventure, we recommend starting from the top of the mountain on the southern part of Greylok. In addition to the lodge and the war memorial, the summit itself offers a breathtaking view. If you walk along the trails in the south-west of the mountains, you will find at least a half dozen intersecting scenic trails. Easily lost among so many intersecting trails, but they Var & # 39; iruyutstsa in terms of difficulty, so it is best to follow keenly.