Johnny Clem – drummer boy Shiloh


John Clem (one thousand eight hundred fifty-one – 1937).

In June 1861 the first young man in Newark, Ohio, peered into the allied forces, which went through his city and, despite his young age too, wanted to join the fight in the Civil War. The boy's name was John Joseph Clem.

Earlier Klemm tried to enroll in the third Agaoskuyu infantry, but because of his age and small size of the young Clem rejected. Johnny Klem (it could be called that name and spelling, and later he was called Johnny Shiloh, and officially he changed his name to John Clem) was persistent in his desire to join the army, so he went along with the 22nd Massachusetts as it passed by Newark.

22th Massachusetts Klima made their mascot and drummer. They were given rifles and sawed a small form, and Massachusetts State officers about the & # 39; united to pay Johnny thirteen dollars per month regular soldier. Johnny was not yet 10 years of age, but now he was a drummer (but not necessarily a good thing!), Unofficially fighting for the Union.

Two years later, Johnny Clem allowed to accept registration. On May 1, 1863 officially became a musician Johnny Company C 22th Michigan. Nurse describes Johnny Clem; "There was a fair and beautiful baby … about twelve years old, but very small for his age. At the height of it was only about thirty centimeters and weighed about sixty pounds." Johnny Clem was one of the young soldiers or allied or confederated armies who fought in the Civil War. Johnny would have gone to glory in the Civil War and made the army his car & # 39; eray.

Johnny Clem is also known that "Johnny Shiloh". It is told that a young Clem took part in the Battle of Shiloh in 1862, and the drum was broken artillery shell, and then he raised his rifle to fight. This story was very popular, and in the end the poem, performance and song was called "Boy drummer Shiloh." Terminals in Shilo, however, questionable history.

There were others who argued that it is "Shiloh, drummer boy," but the research service of the National Park showed Clem most likely. Clem Service shows that it was a 3-m OH, Michigan 22nd and 22nd Wisconsin. The trouble is that the third was not in Ohio Shiloh, and 22th Michigan and the 22th Wisconsin were not organized after Shiloh. At this time, Johnny Clem still officially was not a soldier, he was a young man, dressed as a soldier who tried to play the drum. He would not be assigned to any unit, which was in Shiloh. This writer will leave readers to question whether Johnny Clem also Johnny Shiloh. We shall see that there is no reason to doubt the courage Johnny Clem.

In Chykamagu September 20, 1863 Johnny Clem went to the battle front in the artillery caisson carrying along the cut down rifle. As you go fight the allied forces had to retreat, and during this Colonel confederation faced with a young Clem and demanded his surrender. Johnny Clem stopped as if he fulfills the requirements, but then raised his clenched on the enemy rifle and shot the officer, wounding him.

Having learned about the exploits of Johnny, General George H. Thomas, Johnny raised to the rank of Corporal. Newspapers told the story of Johnny Clem, and he gained celebrity status and became known as "The Boy drummer Chykamaugi".

In October 1863, John Klemm has been described in detail as a train protection in Georgia, when Confederate cavalry captured him. Johnny was released two months later during a prisoner exchange, but the Confederate newspaper used his grip to make fun with this Union barbs; "What are the symptoms of sore Yankees when they need to send their children to fight."

Johnny Klemm was appointed General Thomas & # 39; In January, the young Atlanta Johnny was wounded twice. September 19, 1864 he was dismissed from the army. President Grant appointed Johnny Clem appointment to West Point, but Johnny spent his youth and time soldier. Lack of formal education prevented him to pass the entrance test in West Point.

President Grant turned back Johnny Clem, making it in 1871 as a second lieutenant of the 24th infantry divisions of black soldiers. Johnny began his second term of an army. He moved to the rank of colonel in the housing body chief. Klemm was able to remain at the service of the service long enough to be the last veteran of the Civil War, which is still acting in the Armed Forces.

John Lincoln Klemm completed his military car & # 39; career when he retired in 1916. After retirement a special act of Congress, made his Major-General John Klemm. He died at age 85 and is buried in national cemeteries Arlingtana.

History of the Civil War is incomplete if it does not include the story of Johnny Clem.