Collect lottery tickets


Americans love to draw, and collectors like to collect lottery tickets. Chance of sudden happiness with little money costs – an attractive lure. The participants and winners of the lottery include blue-collar workers, who are experiencing the delight sudden wealth, and working with white collars, who enjoy the victory. But the old lottery ticket with the historical association has special appeal for collectors.

Purchase tickets at the rate for an autograph, which they contain, or for a large communication – is an attraction that appeals to collectors. Authorized lotteries in the United States began in 1744 with the government of Massachusetts lottery. Tickets for the government lottery Massachusetts signed Samuel Watts and the other directors of the lottery. Twenty-five thousand tickets have been sold for thirty shillings each. Chance to become the winner amounted to about 22%, and an initial rally was held in the hall of the Flag. The success of this lottery has inspired other colonies to create their own lotteries.

Lottery organized by Benjamin Franklin, to raise money for the purchase of military arsenal. Collectors eagerly looking for the tickets because of the connection with one of the founding fathers of America. In November 1776, the Continental Congress authorized the US lottery to finance the Revolutionary War. Collectors of early American history eagerly looking for historical documents, such as lottery tickets Lottery USA.

One of the most famous early American lotteries lottery Mountain Road was in 1768 under the management of George Washington. Collectors eagerly looking for the ticket, since it has an autograph of George Washington, a feature which attracts ticket buyers. Tickets for the lottery with an autograph of George Washington recently sold at auction for 15,000 US dollars each. However autograph reprints of Washington Mountain Road Lottery can be purchased for a fraction of the original and reflect the same visual effect.

Collect lottery tickets can not provide a fantasy to win a fabulous amount of money, but collectors still experiencing the thrill and joy when becoming a historical treasure.