The origin of e-mail – how it all began


E-mail, better known as e-mail, changed the exchange of communication for several decades. E-mail can be defined as a method of creating, sending, storing and receiving messages over electronic communication systems. The word "email" is used as a noun or verb, and applies to all Internet e-mail systems based on SMTP, X.400, and systems Intranet.

How it all began?

Before the Internet existed email: This was probably the most important tool of development of the Internet in the late 80's. MIT first exhibited CTSS (Compatible Time Sharing System) in 1961 CTSS allowed multiple users simultaneously log in IBM 7094 from remote machines set and save online files on a floppy disk. This incredible growth has prompted users to share information in different ways. email birth occurred in 1965, when multiple users of mainframe system, which divides the time, began to communicate remotely and electronically.

Although the full story and the exact dates of a few vague in detail, the very first systems with basic e-mail facilities are Corporation System Development Q32 and MIT's CTSS. By 1966 e-mail quickly expanded to a network e-mail, allowing users to send e-mail messages between different computers.

The ARPANET, no doubt, contributed to the development of good e-mail. Reports stories say were intersystem translating email experiments as soon as it was created in 1969. Ray Tomlinson, a programmer who has participated in the development of the exchange is sometimes called the TENEX system, became the first person who discovered that the various components can be differentiated using the @ sign disconnect a user name and his car. By 1971, when it was revealed the actual "e-mail", the machine can only send messages to users within their own system.

The popularity of e-mail has increased through the ARPANET and, over time, email has become the core technology of Internet communications.

Ray Tomlinson – Opening of web-based email

The first person who discovered the possibility of transferring the receiving messages between different computers over a network, Ray Tomlinson – a person who will thank for the revolutionary outcome of the "e-mail". Although there have been many instances when messages are transferred between different users on the same computer and created an impression among users, this e-mail as we know it today, began with the first web-based email.

Ray Tomlinson participated in the group that developed the TENEX time-sharing system, which works on Digital PDP-10 computers, and he was working on Network Management Protocol for TENEX, and for CPYNET (experimental file transfer program). Realizing improvement in SNDMSG, affordable local mailer to users at the time, Ray Tomlinson realized that it can easily incorporate the code from CPYNET in SNDMSG and carries messages through the network connection to the remote mailbox and attach messages to the files of the local mailbox.

Include SNDMSG and CPYNET function, he was able to develop a program of web-based email, and try it on two machines, just set there. @ Sign used He, which distinguishes different cars from the more simple way, Color: a color: as the "From: I @ Thismachine K: You @ Thatmachine". After the test program several times, sending messages between two computers, it sent a general message of his group, which explains how to send a message over the network. So with the & # 39 had the first web-based email.