Psychic Research Foundation


Karen was the name of the receptionist, who was sitting behind the desk one Saturday morning around noon when I walked in. I had never heard of them and actually planned to find the JB Rhine Institute or Federation for the Investigation of the Nature of Man (FRNM). I ran into my mother's soul. It was not necessary to come to these places to seek my literature or research. I could find this more than enough at the Library of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Va. Beach. I wanted to experience it firsthand.

It turned out that Karen Gettsla was much more than a receptionist. In that quaint redecorated house under the magnolias, there was a person in the living room. He was on the bed, and there was a cat and voice recorder in the room. Karen explained that it was Blue Harary, the most effective astral or OOBE (Out of Body Experience) explorer. I later came across his book on an account in Laguna Beach, but that was in another life almost twenty years later. Karen explained that Black Cat was helpful in keeping Blue out of the trip. She was a few years older than me and a handsome woman with a lot of strength who acted like I was a bit of a nuisance at first. We talked and it was clear that I should be impressed. I knew it wasn't going to be someone I wasn't interested in. Still, it didn't seem right that day to ask her; and I listened to her and encouraged her to tell me all about herself. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed. She told me she was working on a FRNM project to communicate with submarines below the reach of a radio link. I read about it as one of the better evidence of parapsychology and ESP. Still, this was not one hundred percent proof that non-speakers needed.

She spoke about attending courses at Duke University toward a degree in psychology and how she helped Yogi psychologically remove the needle left by the failed medical treatment in the infant's spinal column. It happened in her hometown of Chicago. It was obvious that the man she was involved in was very hurt by her and did some magic when she was his work partner. Working Partner & # 39; is a spiritual / sexual ritual partner of witchcraft and she told me that she was High Priestess of Mike. I saw a need for power and a penchant for petty or egotistical pursuits.

I told her about Dottie and Ed. She had heard about Ed and was impressed, but she tried not to show it. I told her I would be back and I did not press that question. As our relationship progressed, I had the opportunity to learn how to play a more passive role in decision making. She made it clear that she was not interested in domination or upside down. with any man at that point in her life. Karen told me she could perform a PK or light up between her hands while she was grounded by all known energy (electrical, magnetic, etc.).

Ambert Dail was a person I was free to talk to while working at his office in Hampton / Newport News. He and his sales manager tried to help with the sales effort, but except for a few hours and introductory hours, our product had to be sold on its own merit. Ambert would talk to me about psychic things despite appearing to be a very direct person. I would often read books like Zolar Encyclopedia of ancient and forbidden knowledge at the ARE Library. I don't remember when he offered me a job as a radio DJ as a talk show host. He thought that a more ground-based scientific approach than psychic fates would create a large market. It would be journalism and the inclusion of interviews with interesting people. I often wish I had taken that. I told him that business and family were important to me and that Karen would be better off doing it.

This is a little about my time during 1974-5. Years in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She was involved in a group of lesbians that I think also engaged in witchcraft. They designed it for her sex position and I liked my arrival on stage.

When I returned to Toronto, I was excited about Karen and how I felt while learning a new way to connect with women. I took Karen to dinner and a movie, but I was looking forward to meeting her for a week or two, where she invited me to be her husband at the Director of the Psychic Research Foundation. I joined their membership and received their "theta" newsletter. in our Toronto offices. Swaena got Karen's song to which she responded and included an art piece of dried flowers. It surprised me that Karen introduced herself to my family. There are many interesting articles in this newsletter from all over the world of parapsychological research, and I tried to get John and the others to see these psychic things, and it's not that strange. We went to dinner one night while I was in Toronto. John, Swan and we all like to talk a lot, but it is difficult for Swan when John and I talk at the same time. In this regard, I still have problems because I can pay attention to a few conversations while writing a letter and talking on the phone. It’s an element of social grace that I never learned growing up in a male family.

"So. How does Karen look like Bob?" Swaena spoke in her usual enthusiastic manner as she sat next to John with her hand on his arm. They didn't live together at the time, if I remember correctly. Swan was separated or divorced, and John hung out with his sister Peggy more.

"I guess her hair is dirty blond and short, but full, with a bang. I guess I like her round face and I suppose you could say she's pretty and not pretty. She's not trying to use makeup and other things … her skin her lips are full and her eyes have depths that are brown but not dark like some You know there must be chemistry and a good vibe for me I was a little shocked that she wrote you and there was a song in it hinted that she wanted me as a boyfriend or whatever. "

"If it takes you to a CEO party that means something, right?" John smiled.

"Yes, I suppose. But it just might be that she needs a date."

"I see you're in a far different position than most of your ladies. Do you like to be passive?" Swan joked a little.

"Yes, I'm much more exploring the yin aspect or female support of my humanity. Her ego takes up most of the space available, which I suppose you could say."

"We share the stage pretty easily not me John."

"I think you're a little more into that." We all had a little rustle, everyone knew Swaena was one of the liveliest and happiest people, except maybe her mother whom I loved dearly.

"The fact that you are both Cancer makes you feel good."

"Do you think Karen is a good thing for you?" Swan asked.

"I know I can learn a lot from her. It's too early to say much more than that. She fills my heart and I'm a little desperate."

"Does Myrna still have a lot of your heart?" John asked wisely.

"I will always love Myrna! If you've ever really loved anyone, I don't think this will ever end. But no, Karen won't be what Myrna could have been or was for me. I'm starting to know how special Myrna is. was for me. "

"Will you be going to the cottage while you're here? I think it's the best and most beautiful place in the world!"

"Swan thinks that God lives there now." John touched Swan's hand on his arm and looked at her with a supple smile.

"No, I think I want to go back to Virginia as soon as I can. I guess I should check out a couple of other cities along the way."

"Me and I are taking your mom this weekend."

"Is that Lambie?"

"No, it's French for a friend." "Swaena smiled a big smile.

"That's nice. I think that's the thing that Karen and I might have trouble being. Myrna is all that and more."

The director's house in the woods near Chapel Hill was a geodesic dome. I have never been to one of the designed homes of my hero Bucky Fuller. I was honored to be there and proud to meet Karen. Sometimes she held my hand and seemed to kiss me once. I was standing in the glass-covered garden next to the house when a bearded college professor with a lot of gray under a tweed coat approached me. He was standing on the step when he first started talking to me and he was still slightly shorter than me. His Scottish stocking and pixie smile made me feel comfortable, but I don't remember his name. He liked my name and smiled as he told me about Robert de Bruges, which was Bruce's original name. He was from the University of Edinburgh and one of the leading psychic researchers. There were many other such lights at this party and I was definitely a little scary. I met with the director and some other people and heard that JB Rhine might even have appeared even though I don't think he was. I told this gentleman about Ed and the wind and the rain & # 39; as well as Dottie / Esalen and Baskin-Robbins and the bed frame over the next half hour. He told me a lot about Esalen and people like Joseph Campbell he knew personally. He had heard of Ed and there was no sense of surprise at any of the stories I had told him.

"These things are not easy to explain. I agree with you on energy and a possible scientific explanation. We need to show much simpler and more basic details to get funding. Rhine has a government in & # 39; and he can do what he pretty much wants "It's hard to get people like Karen who can perform these psychic abilities reliably. She is one of the six best people in the world."

"Does that include Russia and Nelya Michel or Barbara Ivanova?"

"Yes, and the gurus from India, who are also pretty good."

"I imagine there are better ones out there who still don't do science ?!"

"Yes. Or so they say. We've tested many that can do amazing things like you say, but we don't know how to break it down into realistic experiments."

"In many cases, such as wind and rain, it is not what the contractor intends as much as the response of nature or energy."

"That's part of the problem you're sure. I wish you well with Karen. She's a strong woman and I think I see some strength in you, too. I need to talk to some colleagues."

"It was quite gracious to talk to you with me. I really am like a fish out of water among all the older and more experienced people."

"You handle it pretty well … I have to go."

Karen came to talk to me. "You spent a lot of time with him. What did you talk about?"

"I think he wants to make you go to Edinburgh and do research with them. I think they would be willing to give you free school and housing plus what you spend the money you need. He said it's hard to get reliable contractors and the test results don't look statistically good when you work with hits and misses. "

"I get along well here and I'm really not for the money. This is a top-notch research center in the world of parapsychology. Christchurch in New Zealand is interesting too. You know, I think you look pretty good tonight."

Karen took my hand and we left shortly after. I stayed at a motel and left after having lunch with her the next day. It was clear that I would have to work hard to open up and let go of love. Still, it was not my main concern to meet her. I would be happy to collaborate in writing a book or just maintaining a friendship. We were still in the psychological phase of some call and storm & # 39; and I didn't buy that she was as strong or as unique as she wanted me to believe. Powers like what she could show were what Krishnamurti and those like Ed called siddhis & # 39; and said the restraint was caught in the chase. I felt that such constraints were forced into such researchers. To use cultural or reductionist methods of linear & # 39; the science of chaotic reality was filled with all the wrong insights. I knew that for sure, because I knew that Jesus was just another man, even if he was also the risen lord.

It's been about a month and I've seen Karen twice during that time for dinner and a movie. I think we danced once this time and I'm not sure, but it might have been the first time I met her mousy & # 39; lesbian friends. I remember getting a bad vibe from her as soon as I saw her. My friendship with Marc was growing and he introduced me to some interesting people. I was getting better at reading palms and doing it occasionally with girls in cafes.

"You love women too much Bob. I think you should shed some light on them and realize that they are having fun too."

"You are making convincing arguments and I would sure like to relax a little. Still, I don't know if I can go that far."

"If you could understand that they often get drunk with a feeling of love just like you, and that it's normal human chemistry, I think you'll find a lot less pain."

"Marc, you are only a couple of years older than I am, but I see that you are far more experienced. I didn't have a female role model and that could be part of my problem. Anyway, I really like intense bloating and I've found things can grow from there. A lot of my own relationships are far more psychological than physical. "

"I see you really like the physical. I think you are too restrained. All these psychic things may be a shield or a way of rejecting some people."

"Why interfere if you don't have the kind of relationship you know you could be? I had something too good to wear out with just sex."

"Whatever! My brother Richard's been coming for a while, and he's in Yogananda and a lot of the same shit. I guess you two will run into Autobiography of yogis i The science of religion things. I've read enough to know that the balance in my life is as good as any that the demon needs for knowledge seems to really know! "

"You are certainly set and capable of gaining flow. I wish I was more like you sometimes. In the final analysis, I have to do what is good for my heart and I cannot act like I really care. Someone if it is not as true as I can be. "

"I never lie to a lady, Bob. They always need someone to kiss their feet and caress their beauty."

John came to visit and met Marc who wanted to work with us. There were issues with immigration and customs, but it was more a question of whether Marc was the right person to rely on as a project manager. We went through a few troubled people and art contractors. We somehow found ourselves in Spectrum in downtown Norfolk, where Jose Silva was preparing for a congressional seminar. We actually needed to get to know him and I talked about psychometry issues. That was supposed to be Jose's theme that night. This is original psychometry, not what Dottie and IQ testers do. Jose was a bald man of the sixties with a hairy appearance. He started as a teacher in Laredo, Texas, and has witnessed the issue for many years. Educational bureaucracy is a topic John and I have always been able to share insights on. We often agreed on this particular topic.

Discipline in the combination of science and creativity Silva mind control was something John found intriguing. He certainly couldn't accuse Jose of being a fraud. and remembered that Ed Tucker was a teacher in this program. Harvard studies that show 33% of what we learn comes through linear intellectual means have recently been completed, and I think I have made it clear that I think ESP is a largely untapped educational tool. Silva Mind Control also shows the results of psychic things that cannot be explained by other means. John apparently still insisted that intuition or ESP be explained by intellectual processes. The fact that police forces were distributing the world used psychometers that could hold a piece of clothing and adapt to the location and thinking of their owner was definitely not in John's worldview. We left to join Marco with a friend.

Along the way, I continued to talk to John about the book Seth is talking and Jane Roberts brokerage with the spirit of a guide who was part of the multidimensional personality associated with wife and self in previous lives. I told him it was consistent with my analogy of the energy wave coagulation of the cosmic soup that surrounds us. John became stubborn in his defense and it was time to meet Marc's friend Steve. He was an accountant by training and had a theory that was consistent with what I was saying to John. He described reality as a daily newspaper. Each reflects a point in time and a state of growth. Descartes charts & # 39; X & 39; and & # 39; Y & # 39; coordinates or vectors meant the growth potential of this consideration. Other pages dealt with the passage of time and its passage. Education Spiral & # 39; moving across the page in one dimension kept repeating and evolving as growth came.

I was with Karen a week ago and although I didn't know much about witchcraft at the time, I'm certainly wondering what her possible influence is in this, now. She took me home to her and made love to me. Then she said to me, "How do you feel about using yourself like other people. My girls told me to hit them! You're a bastard …"

"I never hit them. I have the least interest in them. You are very wrong about this Karen."

"I know you in a way that you can imagine. You will never darken my door again. I will ruin your life to the best of my magical ability."

"Do your best, I know the use of mirrors."

I told her that I had adapted the crossing of the Christian faith by cleansing the negative energy and restoring the unwanted or bad part. It involves welcoming what is right and being open to change, but not letting what is wrong affect me. I use the rhyme and a little reflective aspect of what the Wiccans are doing with candles or palms. It is only now that I am rewriting this book that I am thinking that my weight gain of five pounds while running with John in Morristown and eating only 1000 calories a day for two weeks could correlate with her work on me. Normally I would lose this fifteen pounds.