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Brawlers belong to the family of marmots (large ground squirrel) and distributed by various names – Groundhog, cow parsnip, manaks woody shock, whistler, whistler (because of the warning sound that sweeps through their large front teeth), mun, venerus, red monk and our family & # 39; and – pesto! Meetings across North America, woodshed located primarily in the eastern US and much of southern Canada. This morning saw him in south central Massachusetts, in our Lakeside gardens. In New England, they live in both urban and suburban backyards, fields, meadows, forest glades and are often found along the grassy road rocks.

How do you identify a pike? Look at the brown, densely covered with small ears jamb and small beads of brown eyes, a length of about 16 – 20 inches shastsidyuymovym tail, weighing 6 to 12 lbs. They have short, strong legs designed for digging and large front incisors. Despite the chunky look woodshed performed swimmers and occasionally climb trees, to explore the neighborhood or avoided if they are pursued. Fortunately, they do not have a lot of predators that need to worry because of their size, although foxes, hawks, raccoons, coyotes and dogs go for youngsters.

Usually you will not find firewood, active during the day, as they are diurnal. They live in burrows wide with depths ranging from two to six feet in length and up to 40 feet. Nora contain a lot of cameras for different functions, such as a love nest, a dream, a kindergarten, an orphanage or weatherproof waste. The den can be as many as five holes to woodshed came and went. The main entrance is, as a rule, has a large chest toward the ground to woodshed could watch or relax.

In the summer, you notice how to feed the woodshed in the early morning and late afternoon, the rest of the day is spent on damage or bathing. Such a life! In late summer, they begin to gain weight, preparing to move to their winter nights – one of the real winter sleepers, which are in Massachusetts. Interestingly, in hibernation from October to April, their body temperature drops from 99 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the heartbeat slows from 100 to four beats per minute!

Mating does not occur until the spring of the second year. In the wild, their average lifespan is five to six years. The females rear their young on their own after a 32-day gestation period. One litter contains from four to six sets, or giggle. Having separated about six weeks, they are ready to leave the burrow with their mother. As soon as the end of summer comes set to open the world of their own.

The diet woodshed primarily vegetarian (herbivore), and it is here that begins with our garden problems. They feed on a variety of grasses, clover, alfalfa, dandelion, and many varieties of wild and cultivated flowers. They also love blackberries, cherries, raspberries and other fruits (our blueberries), and bark hickory and maple. Of course, fresh garden – a favorite table for feeding, seemingly always hungry firewood. The overall benefits of vegetables include broccoli, peas, beans, carrot tops, lettuce and squash. Basically, all that we have planted in the spring! On the part of colors they focus on asters, daisies, lilies, marigolds, panties, phlox, benefits and sunflowers. I would like to add lupine to the list, when we saw our annoying drovuha band, young stalks of lupine as he ate corn on the cob! It should be noted that they will also chew on the horses, the June bugs, grushanak, snails and other large insects as green leafy delicacies are becoming rare.

Woodshed famous for the fact that the suras & # 39; oznaya trouble around the farms and orchards. Fencing – the only viable humane solution for the protection of vegetation from these hungry rodents. Chicken chicken wire fences, which are not only bend at the top, but also deepen their feet at least, can often serve as a deterrent. Another method is to lay chicken wire on the perimeter of the garden, and secure the fence height of four to six feet. These creators climb and dig, so you must build and down, if possible. Other options include repellents – planting gopher or crown imperial cranes in the garden or spraying sections fox or coyote, diluted Tabasco sauce, red pepper flakes or hair. If you have a dog, let your pet periodically visit the garden area to "mark" their territory.

Finally, woodshed, like all mammals carry rabies and are known to be aggressive. Avoid close contact. Do not even consider relocation of wood in Massachusetts, because it is illegal. Damn. What gardener? You've seen the movie Caddy Shack with Bill Murray?

History of Brahmin handbags

In 1882, Bill and Joan Martin began Brahmin tannery, which was a small entrepreneurial businesses in Massachusetts. The campaign started in their home, where they had to create bags that have captured the imagination of high society women in Massachusetts. Brahmin term originally comes from the caste system of India, where the elite class, the highest caste, called bramintsami. This term also means the study and one represents one of the higher societies Indian caste 1800s. In Boston, the Socialists since that was highly cost, called Boston Brahmin. This term was adopted by Bill Martin and settled down since then.

Over the years, Martin realized that the company will be much more than a small shop Bostonians sumochak. Soon they began to collaborate with others to create a brand name, and the name of the Brahmins took off like a star. High quality Brahmin handbags, combined with their sleek design – that's what made the company a symbol of fashion and the best craftsmanship. Bags made from Italian leather and polished unique luster very quickly became popular among well-made parts of New England.

To date, while the operation of a wide scale, there are only four proprietary trading firms Brahmin. All of this is located in the New England area. The company is still a family in many ways, but actively collaborates with vendors from across the country to promote their products. Recently a big step for the Brahmins was cooperation with Dillards selling handbags. Now you can find bags for Brahmin hands in Dillards along with all your favorite high-end brands. The only difference is that their bags will be surprisingly low rate compared to other high-end brands.

There are literally hundreds of styles and colors handbags to choose from. Brahmin came up with a unique style to call their wallets to categorize them for easy reference. They use girls names, such as Rosalyn, Alice and Dan, to name a few styles. Here you can find a variety of wrist wallets, sacral bags, business bags, and party bags. Endless list of to what you can find. If you want to find a color and style, you can easily do this by going to the website Brahmin, who & # 39; is the official site of the famous bags.

Do you know the origin of basketball?

Do you know the origin of basketball?
The origins of the game of basketball can be attributed to a gentleman by the name of Dr. James Naysmita. In 1861 Naismit born in the almanac, Ontario, Canada. During the early school days, Naismith played a game called duck on a rock, with the result that the child sought to knock the duck from the top of the cliff, throwing another rock.
Later Naismit go to McGill University in Montreal and would later become the athletic director of McGill University. After he moved to the YMCA training school in Springfield, Massachusetts, and in 1891 he began playing basketball.
Given the cold winter in Massachusetts, Naismitu needed to find employment for the rest, that could be played indoors and he preferred a sport that would develop skill and one that is not solely relied on the force. The first game was played with two peach baskets for swords and a soccer ball.
In addition, Naismit a doctor who specializes in sports physiology and Minister of presbyter. Naismith was able to see their favorite sport in basketball, having been recognized in many countries through the YMCA since 1893. Also sports in basketball with & # 39; appeared at the Olympics in Berlin in 1936. As we speak, a game of basketball has become a very popular professional sport.

Dakazchyk voluntary case of refusal

If an employee voluntarily quit his job and is seeking compensation from the Department of Unemployment unemployment benefits (GUO), they must prove the severity of the Division for unemployment benefits in order to demonstrate that their voluntary dismissal was not & # 39; t without good reason associated with the employer or his agent.

The burden of proof is on the employee, not the employer. according to Massachusetts General Laws c. 25 § (e) (1) disqualification for unemployment benefits. Man will not be deprived of unemployment benefits if they voluntarily resign if they can install to meet the Commissioner that the reason why they left the job because of sexual, racial or other undue harassment if the employer, its managerial staff or agents knew about this or should have known about such claims.

According to the general laws of Massachusetts, sexual harassment is defined as; sexual advances, requests for sexual goodwill or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, if; submission to or rejection of such success, requests or conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly, or condition of employment or as a basis for decision-making on employment. In addition, if such advances or conduct have the purpose or result of unfounded interference in the work of man, and finally to such progress, requests or conduct have the purpose of creating the effect zapalohvalnay, hostile, humiliating or sexually offensive work environment.

Man will not be deprived of the right to abandon the voluntary dismissal, if he set to meet the Commissioner that the reason for leaving work has been linked to domestic violence, including; a reasonable person fear of the future of family violence during or on the way to the place of human work or out of it, people need to move to another geographical area in order to avoid the future of family violence; Psychological and legal consequences of domestic violence, people have to leave work as a condition of obtaining services or shelter from the agency that provides services to support or shelter to victims of domestic violence and, finally, any other relation to which domestic violence causes a person to reasonably believe that the termination of employment must be for the future security of the individual or their family & # 39; and. MGL c. § 151 25 .

If a person voluntarily resign from their jobs if they can not prove authorized that retired because of persecution or because of the situation of violence in the family & # 39; and, they will have more evidence to show the Commissioner that he even considered using on unemployment.

So you want to know about the trials of witches in Salem – one fifth of the – it was all over and bibiliyagrafiya

Note: This is the last part of the five-day series. For those who use this series to write a report, a bibliography at the end applies to all five parts.

As hysteria over Salem Witch

October 12, 1692 at the General Court of Massachusetts held a meeting to figure out what to do with the situation. They decided to prohibit further imprisonment for witchcraft.

October 26, 1692 the head of the church in Massachusetts called for a national day of fasting in the hope that God will give them an answer to the problem of witches.

Although the charges are still coming in, people who are accused, is now released on bail instead of throwing in the already overcrowded prisons. People began to see the mistakes that were made, and now leaders of trying to figure out how to do it. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. They could not very well pardon all witches and accept that are thrown to the death of 20 (including Zhylsa Corey) innocent people, but they could not afford to continue litigation. Questions continued for 4 months, and 150 defendants were in prison. Finally, in May, all of the accused witches were sent to free and can get out of jail as long as the expenses are paid in jail.

After numerous requests, in October 1710, the General Court overturned all convictions in respect of those who have had a family. Bridget Bishop, Susan Martin, Alice Parker, Ann Prudeatar, Wilmot and Margaret Scott Riddle were not released because they did not have something & # 39; and to intercede on their behalf.

December 17, 1711 to the families of executed witches were given the amount of 578 pounds and 12 shillings, to be distributed among 24 relatives of the accused witches.

Something & # 39; I John Praktera most wealthy of the Hanged, gained 150 pounds.

Something & # 39; I Zhakabsa George received 79 pounds.

Something & # 39; and George Burroughs, a minister who said perfect "Our Father", gave 50 pounds.

Something & # 39; I, Elizabeth Howe, who was quite wealthy, gave 12 pounds.

Husband of Sarah Goode, William, was 30 pounds.

Abigail Hobbs £ 10 was given.

What happened …

Mrs. Paris died in 1696.

Samuel Paris tried to keep a job in the village of Salem, but friends and relatives and the nurse of Rebecca Sarah Kloys able to get rid of it. He went to Stowe, again arguing about the conditions of their work. He stayed there for only a year. After the death of Mrs. Paris Samuel married a wealthy woman. He died in 1720.

Some of the "victims" of girls, Betty Paris, Elizabeth Booth, Sarah Churchill and Mercy Lewis, all married (Mercy married after the birth of an illegitimate child).

No one knows what happened to Abigail Williams, Elizabeth Hubbard, Susannah Sheldon and Mary Warren.

Anne Putna never married. Both her parents died in 1699, Thomas – 46, and Anne-older – 37, and Anne was left to care for their younger brothers and 9 sisters. In 26 years, Anne wrote a formal apology, which was read to the congregation of the new minister, Joseph Green. In her words: "I'm just afraid that I was instrumental, but the others, though nevuchliva and involuntarily transferred to myself and this land guilt of innocent blood … Since I was the main instrument of nurses charges and her two sisters, I want to lie in the dust and be submissive for that. " Anne grew up in a sick woman and died at the age of 37, as her mother.

The authors note in the course of research, I read a lot on the subject and found the best sources of information for Marion Starkey, "D & # 39; yabal in Massachusetts." And delusion of Satan, Francis Hill. In my work I gave information in parentheses after each quote, but, unfortunately, no quotes were made through the switching program. I apologize for the inconvenience. Kryshta Dell Women

Overview supplier – MassMutual Annuities

MassMutual was originally founded in 1851 by George Rice. Rice has become an insurance agent insurance company in Connecticut, who wanted to open a similar business in Massachusetts. He created the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, which was a real mutual company – a company owned by its insured – shortly after its inception.

Today, the company is located in Springfield, Massachusetts and Enfield, Connecticut, and has grown from a personal insurer to an international financial services firm. It has approximately thirteen million clients worldwide and more than 500 billion dollars of assets under its management. In addition to its activities in the United States, of MassMutual has subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China, Macau, Argentina, Chile, Bermuda and Luxembourg. The total number of offices includes more than 1200, and the full name of the marketing company – MassMutual Financial Group.

MassMutual is still working for the benefit of its members and fears. They get life insurance, insurance against disability income, long term care insurance, retirement / 401 (k) plan services, mutual funds, money management, and trust services in addition to annuities to their clients.

Although dividends are not guaranteed, MassMutual is proud of its financial strength, and the insurer pays a dividend every year since the 1860s. The company is also known for its charitable contributions in the areas where they are located. They are often involved in programs that benefit education, arts, culture and economic development in the local community.

As for the rent, of MassMutual offers five different products – two deferred variable annuities, one deferred fixed annuity, and one immediate annuity. Individual products are as follows:

Deferred variable annuities:

o Select MassMutual Transitions
o MassMutual Evolution

Deferred fixed annuities:

o MassMutual Odyssey and Odyssey Plus

Immediate fixed anui:

o MassMutual RetireEase

Some of MassMutual annuity policies can be initiated with death and living benefits. Option death benefit means that the beneficiary will receive all the money in the account or a guaranteed minimum amount upon the death of the annuity. Also available are increased benefits for deaths that can afford to pay a fee to the recipient. Useful benefits include guaranteed minimum payments on accumulation of profits and payment of benefits.

Like most insurers, of MassMutual provides additional fees associated with anuitetnymi products. This includes charges for administration and management. There may also be a fee for the risk of mortality and the risk of payment for expenses, often known as fee for "Mi and E". In addition, the fee for the delivery can be used if the annuity is terminated early or part of the annuity is canceled.

Considering anuitetnuyu company, it is important to understand the financial strength of the organization. One of the best ways to do this is by looking at the company's financial ratings. Independent rating companies have given MassMutual some of the highest ratings in this area. Below are the current ratings of MassMutual (July 2009).

The company AM Best: (Superior, 1st with 15 categories)
Fitch Ratings: (exceptionally strong 1st with 21 categories)
Moody & # 39; s: (Excellent, 2nd with 21 categories)
Standard & Poors: (Extremely strong, 1st with 21 categories)

Dazzling star heritage of the first stars

When I look at the night sky on a clear night, we can see the canvas of incredible darkness that is sprinkled with countless distant lights of the dazzling stars. How did the fire star – and where do they come from? The first stars that destroyed the ancient primordial darkness of the universe, were mysterious on the & # 39 objects, which are responsible for most of our existence – we would not be here if it was not the first stars forged literally all atomic elements heavier than helium in their hot form. , Fire heart. The iron in our blood, the calcium in our bones, the oxygen that we breathe, the water we n & # 39; eat sand under our feat, and carbon, which is the basis of life on Earth – all of this was created by the stars. their party forged fresh, heavy, life-sustaining elements shouted into space when they "died" after being burned hydrogen fuel needed. In May 2019, astronomers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, announced new findings that instead of flying in the area, thought to scientists, the ancient asymmetric supernova explosions may be responsible for planting bright new children's star, made possible life on Earth, and no matter where it was life in the cosmos.

A few hundred million years after the Big Bang the universe, which is believed to have occurred about 13.8 billion years ago, the very first generation of stars lit up, illuminating the universe as a giant shiny balls of hydrogen and helium. The nuclei of these first hot first-born stars extremes thermonuclear reaction creating the first batch of heavy elements, including carbon, iron and zinc.

It is assumed that the first stars were probably gigantic spherical balls that quickly lived and died young. The more stars; the shorter its life. Massive stars burn their fuel faster than their smaller star brothers and sisters, because they are much more hot. Thus, they live only for millions of years, while their less hefty relative shines billion – or even trillions– years on hydrogen combustion the main sequence with Gertsprung-Russell diagram of stellar evolution. Astrophysicists have for many years believed that these ancient, massive stars explode as supernovae is similar to spherical.

However, a team of astronomers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other institutions have now discovered that these first stars may have blown themselves up in a much more powerful and asymmetric explosion, throwing in the jet space, which had been hard enough to throw heavy atomic elements in a neighboring galaxy . These newly forged elements – the first such in the ancient cosmos – is a valuable seed for the second generation of stars, some of which even today can be seen clearly dancing in our universe.

In a research paper published in my room 8 2019 Astrophysical journal, Sitsysty reported a large number of zinc JAN 1327-2326Who & # 39 with an ancient stellar survivors, who & # 39 is one of the stars of the second generation of the universe. They believe that the star was able to obtain only such a rich amount of zinc as a result of asymmetric supernova explosion that foreshadowed the "death" of one of the very first stars that populated the primordial cosmos. Now extinct, brief, a star of the first generation enriched the natal gas cloud youngest stars of the second generation of forged fresh batch of heavy atomic elements.

"When a star explodes, what proportion of this star is sucked into a black hole, like a vacuum cleaner. Only if you have some kind of mechanism, like a jet that can pull out the material, you can watch this stuff later generations of stars. And we believe that it is here could happen ", – explained Dr. Anna Frebel my 8 2019 MIT press release. Dr. Frebel – associate professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a member of MIT & # 39; s Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research Cowley.

"This is the first observational evidence that this asymmetric supernova occurred in the early universe This changes our understanding of how the first stars exploded." – commented Dr. Sooner Ezdeddin, who & # 39 is a doctor at MIT and lead author research.

star generation

The first generation of stars was not like the stars that we see today. This is because the first stellar generation was born directly from pristine hydrogen and helium – the most two light atomic elements in a familiar Periodic Table. And hydrogen and helium were born in the Big Bang (Nukleasintez Big Bang). It is believed that the first stars were gigantic and extremely shiny, and their existence has changed our universe from the fact that he It was where it is now is.

There are three generations of stars. Our Sun is a & # 39; I is a member of the population, which means that it is a & # 39; is a member of the younger generation of stellar. Star III population – the most ancient, and they formed a pristine gas that lingered after the Big Bang. In the parlance of astronomers called all the atomic elements heavier than helium metals. so the term metal, how astronomers use different from the same period, if it is used by chemists. Stars Population II – is the star that bombarded the population between I and III. These stars are older than our Sun's population, but under the first stars of population III. The first stars were exhausted from the metal, but the star population II showed the following amounts of metals forged in the hearts of hot stars Population III. Population I stars, like our Sun, has the greatest metal content. However, the accurate classification is somewhat misleading. This is because all Stars, regardless of their generation are roller balls consisting mainly of the hydrogen gas.

because metals It can be made only by the process star nukleasintez, the existence of even a trace metals It suggests that the earlier population of stars must exist before a & # 39 came into being stars of the second population. there had tp have a population of stars that existed before them, to make them metals. Star III population, which no longer exists in the visible universe, the chemical left "traces" in generations of stars which followed them, and the star "traces" talk about what has already disappeared aboriginal population of the ancient generation of stars.

Astronomers refer to the stars about the population (I am tall) metal content) or population II (Low metal content). However, because even the most metal-neblaga Population II stars sport a small amount metalsthey discover that they contain more than just the original primordial gas formed during the birth of the universe in the Big Bang. Star giants III population consisted only of the first-born light gases hydrogen, helium and lithium quantities. Thus, a gas consisting of star population III, was not "dirty" heavy metals forged in the hot hearts of former stars. Population III stars triggered a gradual increase in the star metalichnasts in an increasingly young and young stars.

It is usually assumed that the stars were born population in the clean gas wheelchair uncomplicated. Digital computer & # 39; computer simulations shed light on a very ancient and mysterious process of formation of stars and a very short life span of the first stars. Giant Star III population did not go gently into that good night, and they noisily blew themselves to pieces brilliant supernova explosions, dropping out of stock of the newly formed metals howling loudly in the space between the stars. This made newborns heavier atomic elements that could be included in a giant cold, dark molecular clouds gas and dust that serve the country nurseries for later generations metal-rich stars.

As the first stars were so massive, they quickly used the required reserve of pristine hydrogen gas – and then blew themselves to pieces, which may have been unusually strong, shiny and hard supernovae. Population III stars burned in the relatively young age of the stellar standards. These ancient supernovae were largely responsible for the fact that has caused significant changes in the universe. These star dazzle really changed the dynamics of the universe, warming it. This new heat iyanizavala surrounding gas.

Lingering legacy of the First Stars

Dr. Frebel found tales star, dubbed JAN 1327-2326, In 2005. At the time, the star took the title itself metal-zlachynnaya star known. This means that there have been very low concentration of elements heavier for hydrogen and helium, which means that it is population II star. JAN 1327-2326 was born at a time when most of the universe heavy metals It has not been tampered with.

"The first stars were so massive that they had to explode almost immediately. Smaller stars formed in the second generation, are available today, and they retain the earlier materials that remain in these first stars. Our star just chucking elements heavier than hydrogen and helium so we know what he might have formed a part of the second generation of stars, "explained Dr. Frebel my 8 2019 MIT press release.

"People thought of earlier observations that the first stars were not so bright and energetic, and when they exploded, they would not participate in the re-implementation of the universe. We are in a sense correct this picture and show, perhaps, the first stars were when they OMV exploded enough, and perhaps now they & # 39 is a strong competitor for the contribution to reiyanizatsyyu and chaos in their small dwarf galaxies, "- said Dr. Frebel.

The first supernovae, which announced the explosive death of the first stars could also be powerful enough to shoot them a new party formed heavy metals the next "virgin galaxy", which still had to give birth to their own stars.

Dr. Frebel went on to explain that "Once you have some heavier elements in hydrogen and helium gas, you are much more convenient to form stars, especially small ones. The working hypothesis is that, perhaps, the second generation of stars formed in these contaminated. virgin system, not in the same system as the supernova explosion itself, and it is always something that we are not supposed to be thinking differently. Thus, it opens up a new channel for early star formation. "

Boarding & # 39; Graduates lawyers hostel experience

In boarding schools too often negatively affect the media, including movies and news, which always focus on the negative aspects of everything that they illuminate. But many people who have been declared many advantages hostel experience. Boarding school offers a unique educational experience that helped prepare many great leaders in politics, business, athletics, and other fields. Graduates include political leaders such as Senator John McCain, and President John F. Kennedy, these world-class athletes like Steve Nash and Sidney Crosby as well as excellent actors and actresses, including Jodie Foster, Daniel Day-Lewis, and many others.

These schools offer a variety of benefits and advantages, which in day schools simply do not have. Let's take a closer look at the advantages and hear how some famous bardery discuss as soon as they are able to work out the key features that have led to success or help them.

The hostel offers an unrivaled opportunity to develop independence at a young age . Zach Bagasyan, one of the National Hockey League's most highly regarded young stars, is now working with the Atlantic tresharam, he attended the Academy of Skashyravannya in Massachusetts. Bagasyan quickly earned a school, providing unique class. He says: "It taught me to act on the ice and on and live away from home … you own, but not much, and it contributes to your maturity." Although being away from family & # 39; and can be difficult initially, a boarding school teaches how to live without parents.

Full immersion interests . There's no school door closes at 4.30 days. Teachers in the dormitory often recommended to remain on campus until 9 or 10 nights to exercise or just to support students. that environment requirements force students to do their best. One example of this with a & # 39 is Uma Thurman, who received the first few notes of the professional performance in the school production of "crucible" in school Northfield Mount Hermon in Massachusetts. Thurman has helped get through school, despite the fact that, as she admits, "adolescence – it is painful for everyone."

Unique strong relationships with classmates . Many of the best and brightest students go anywhere in prep school. Pasyadivshy with them, you set the deep friendships that can last a lifetime. Two Star NHL, Sidney Crosby and Jack Johnson attended Shattuck St. School Mary in Minnesota. Despite the fact that the opposing team's rivals in the NHL, they created a bond that replaced the team's preferences. Steve Nash, the NBA star, also attributes the hostel for what helps him learn about people from cultures from around the world, which he has taught otherwise. Nash, the graduate school of the University of St. Mayklas in Victoria, British Columbia, says: "We are exposed to this diversity, we need to go out there and want peace."

These are just a few advantages of planting in the hostel. Of course, the hostel had its problems. In the past there have been abuses, but in most cases these types of abuse do not restrict access to the hostel, and, as in all walks of life, they are largely out of & # 39 are past. However, the unique advantages of the boarding school deserve a second glance from any parent or student who is looking for the best possible education.

14 School of Pharmacy PharmCAS, which do not require PKAT 2010, and advice on the adoption of

PCAT – acceptance test at College of Pharmacy, which is used by most pharmaceutical schools as one of the criteria for admission. Fortunately, not all pharmacy schools require PKAT. In fact, every year there are many students who do not need to study or to pay for the PCAT and apply only to schools that do not require it. For these Pharm.D. programs that do not require the PCAT, other factors such as grade point average (GPA stands), work experience (not & # 39 is optional, but enhances your application), the results of an interview with & # 39; w, letters of recommendation, the EC and other factors ( which I discuss in my other article) to determine your right to take.

Pharmacy schools in the US that do not require PKAT:

1. In the northern state of California

2. University of California – San Diego

3. University of California – San Francisco

4. Massachusetts College of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences – MA Boston

5. Massachusetts College of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences – Manchester, NH

6. Massachusetts College of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences – Worcester, MA

7. University of Oregon

8. Pacific University

9. Pacific University Oregon

10. University of Southern California

yu; 11. Perd & # 39 University

12. University of Tours – California

13. University of Washington

14. West University

(Currently, all schools do not require the formation of the California PKAT).

A few tips for use:

– Find out when the schools to which you are applying for work on receipts system. If they are, it is imperative to apply to the application as soon as possible, as this will increase your chances for an interview and, in turn, a nice envelope with adoption.

-Prygatuytsesya to interview & # 39; w, revising the preliminary interview questions & # 39; S. They can be found in the feedback from the interview section & # 39; u Student Doctor. I have also listed the most common interview questions & # 39; nd at school formation in another article. During the preparation do not do your answers Guchan, but it is natural and sophisticated.

-Atrymanne experience in pharmacy. Although it is not necessarily what is the best way to show the admissions committee that you suras & # 39; ozna think of this car & # 39; EASURES than working in a pharmacy. You may want to consider getting licensed pharmacist to have more responsibilities in the pharmacy. Without a license, you can still volunteer to work or write a pharmacy in most states.

-If you are an international student, you can also check requires TOEFL school, checking the necessary tests on the circuit PharmCAS site.

Who is John Alden?

John Alden is best known as a character in a long poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, called The Courtship of Miles Standish; but in fact he was a young man (not quite twenty-one years), who sailed with the pilgrims from England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620, on the Mayflower ship. He really was not one of the "Pilgrim Fathers" because he was hired for the trip as a skilled worker, and he did not come because of their religious beliefs; but he stayed in Massachusetts and married Priscilla Mullens, the daughter of one of the pilgrims.

John and Priscilla had eleven children, and they have successfully survived the harsh winter and during periods when food was scarce, and many settlers died. It is estimated that over one million Americans are descended from John and Priscilla Alden. Only one of the pilgrims, which can be more offspring – Governor William Bradford, who was the second governor of the Massachusetts colony.

Longfellow was one of the descendants of John and Priscilla, and that's why he wrote his famous poem. Captain Miles condition, a more important member of the colony asked John Alden and Priscilla go to ask, not to marry him (that is, if she would marry Miles Stanishev). But Priscilla liked John Alden, who was younger and more beautiful person, and she said to him: "Say to yourself, John." When the captain would have heard about it, he persuaded John Alden marry Priscilla.